Kids Snacking | Coconut Squishies Review

I love cooking and baking from scratch but sometimes you just need snacks that aren’t particularly messy, quick and easy to just grab and go. My lucky little kids have been able to try out some snacks from Heavenly Tasty Organic Superfoods before so we were expecting good things when we were offered the chance to try out their new product Coconut Squishies. They contain organic fruits with coconut milk and a dash of lemon juice – that is it. Not even added sugar or water! My kind of snack.

I love that they are in little 90g pouches – the perfect size for little hands that can feed themselves, but a great size to take out and about as you can just throw them away afterwards and they don’t take up lots of space. They would work really well for weaning too as the contents can be squeezed out really easily onto a spoon. It is completely smooth too so can be used for little ones from 6 months. My two, 18 months and nearly 4, happily enjoyed them and told me how good they tasted (so I of course had to have a taste – they taste really good)! They are really fruity and refreshing. They don’t taste particularly ‘coconuty’ which was a concern for me as I typically don’t like coconut, but you just taste the fruit really.

I like that they are filled completely with organic, natural goodness and they are dairy free. I know quite a few of my friends have little ones with dairy allergies and it must be frustrating trying to find them snacks that they can have. These are a great option, allergy or not.

You can buy them from a few places, including Amazon and Ocado. One individual pouch is £1 or a box of 4 is £3 – Totally comparable to similar, organic baby food products. I will definitely get these again.

Have you heard of these before? Let me know what you think!

Rebecca x

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*these were gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Tips for Preparing to Move Home

Whether you have a new addition on the way or just want a larger home for your family, moving house is not the simplest of tasks. In fact, moving to a new home is one of the most stressful life experiences. Finding a buyer for your current home, picking somewhere to move to, then packing up your entire home, is never going to be easy.

When it comes to moving house, many of us make the mistake of thinking that house hunting is the hardest part. Don’t get me wrong here, searching for a new home that fits all your needs and expectations isn’t easy. However, when you are house hunting, you have an expert on hand to help you find the perfect place.

Whereas, when you are attempting to get organised for the big day, you are flying solo. For me, when it comes to moving house, the most intimidating part is the organisation that comes with it. With so much to deal with, knowing where to start can be a nightmare.

There are no two ways about it, moving house is incredibly stressful. However, there are plenty of simple things that you can do to make the process a little easier for yourself.

Extreme Makeover - Home Edition...

Make a Plan

Once you have set a moving date, the next step is to create a plan. When it comes to making the moving process as easy as possible, planning is the most important thing that you can do. This should include what needs to be organized each week leading up to the move.  As well as the packing system that you want to use and how long you will have to pack. It’s also a good idea to note down who will be taking care of your kids while you are packing and moving.

The most important thing when it comes to creating a moving plan is ensuring that it is doable. Don’t make the mistake of not giving yourself enough time to deal with each thing, as this will only make your move more stressful. Be realistic with your planning.


Before you even think about packing up your home, the first thing that you need to do is declutter. You might think that you need everything in your home, but the chances are that you have some things that you no longer need.

Focus on one room at a time – don’t make the mistake of trying to do the whole house at once. Start in the loft and work your way down through the house. You will find that storage areas, like lofts and basements, will have the most junk in them. So it might be a good idea to allocate more time to these spaces when it comes to decluttering.

Any items that you no longer need, such as old baby bits or children’s toys, throw away or give to charity. Any items that you want, but won’t have the space to store, consider putting in storage. While this will come at a cost, storing any items that you have no room for at your new home, will make things easier.




Once you have had a clear out, the next step is to work out how many boxes you will need for packing. This can be hard to calculate, especially if you haven’t moved house before. However, thanks to technology, you can easily work this out.

If you are struggling to work out how many moving boxes you will need, use an online packing calculator. These take into account factors, like how many bedrooms your home has. As well as how many people live with you, and how long you have lived in your home.

When it comes to buying moving boxes, opt for boxes in a variety of sizes. It’s also important to ensure that you get sturdy boxes, as, if they aren’t strong, the boxes could end up ripping. As well as boxes, you will also need a roll of bubble wrap for fragile items.

Decide on a Packing System

When it comes to packing up your home, it’s a good idea to choose a packing system. You might think that packing is packing, but if you want to make moving as free of stress as possible, you need to be organised.

The mistake that far too many of us make is throwing things into boxes without a second thought. However, if you want to make moving easier for yourself, you need to implement a good packing system. Just remember, that when moving house, don’t make the mistake of filling boxes to the brim. As, if you overfill a box; it could end up ripping.

Personally, when I pack for moving house, I like to colour code my boxes. I buy dot stickers in various colours and assign one colour to each room. When it comes to moving house, having a simple packing system in place can make all the difference to how stressed out you feel.


One thing that many people forget to think about when moving house is insurance. If you have contents insurance, you need to make sure that your policy covers damage during moving.

If you don’t check with your insurance company before you move, if anything gets broken in transit, you may not be covered. So make sure to contact them a couple of weeks before your moving day. That way, if you aren’t covered, you have enough time to take out another policy.

Hire a Removal Company

At least a month before you are set to move, get in touch with a reputable moving company. While you could hire a self-drive van and move your boxes yourself, this can be stressful. If you want to make moving day easier, having professionals on hand to help you is crucial.

Plus, by having people to rely on for moving your boxes and furniture means that you can spend moving day focusing on your children. For kids, moving day can be a scary experience. So it’s important that you can give them the attention that they need.

Moving house is never going to be easy. However, if you take note of these tips, you can make your move much less stressful.

Rebecca x

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Home Furnishings | Wishlist

I  love looking for furnishings for our home (I’m a bit of a Pinterest addict) and if money was no object I would constantly be buying things for our home. New pictures and frames, cushions and throws, shelving and sideboards… Maybe I have missed a calling as an interior designer? haha.

Having recently come across Trade Furniture I have had a peruse and had a look at a few of their gorgeous pieces that I would love to one day get. They have a really large selection of products, including some cool upcycled retro pieces and of course classic dining sets and living room furniture. The company specialise in 100% solid wood – no mdf, ply or veneers in sight – definitely my kind of furniture!



  1. Chrome Tripod Lamp £399

So gorgeous. I have seen these kind of lamps in several blogger’s mood boards and Instagram pictures and have fallen in love! I think, stood in the corner of a room, would just look amazing and just add instant cool. A definite conversation piece too.

2. Small Retro Coffee Table £199

We really do need a coffee table in our living room. There is just no ‘go-to’ place for those little things that end up in the room. They either end up on the floor or cluttering on the top of the piano (which is a pet hate of mine)! I like the cool shape of this one, the style of the legs and that there is a door on it so some things can just be put in and hidden away. No self-assembly required either – perfect.

3. Light Vintage Storage Boxes £99

How cute are these? The little wheels amke them really unique looking and let’s face it, a heck of a lot better looking that plastic storage. I would use these in my son’s room to sort toys and they would add a lovely feature to the room too. I love that you could label what is in each box with chalk too – I think looks really chic.

4. Rustic Wall Clock £84

Basically, why not? We only have one wall clock in our whole house so we are in need of another. This would be perfect in the master bedroom (we have quite a lot of wall space to fill in there) and the colours of the clock would go really well. The added bonus that it is wooden, really adds to make a sturdy, good looking addition on the wall.

What are your favourite pieces here? Let me know in the comments!

Rebecca x

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Effective Ways To Create The Home That You Want

More and more of us are centring our lives around our homes. The technologies available to us make working from home much easier. And lots more people are considering homeschooling as a viable option for their children. This can all lead to a very busy household. So how do you design your home to make living, working and learning in it easier?

Most of us could do with more space. So many of us have open plan living now. This is great for family life, but can be very distracting and disruptive when you’re trying to work quietly. Perhaps there is something to be said for walls after all! I would love an extra room in my house where the hustle and bustle of family life can carry on without causing a disturbance.

To create an extra room (or two) you need to look up, down or out. An extension of your home may be the only way to get the space you need. If you live in a hot area, you could build a garden room. Even in a winter, they can be insulated and fitted with double glazing to keep you warm. These are handy spaces set in the beautiful surroundings of your yard or garden.

Extreme Makeover - Home Edition... Extreme Makeover - Home Edition...

Your basement could be converted into a room for working or learning in. It would need to be managed professionally to ensure it meets current regulations. Damp proofing, ventilation and natural light are all factors to consider. Your loft or attic space too could be converted. This often involves inserting special windows into the roof itself.

When you are building your own home, you get to design it with your lifestyle in mind. Everything inside it and outside of it will be designed with you in mind. Not only could you get that extra room you need, but you might be able to configure the kitchen and bathrooms just the way you like them. Your bedrooms could be the perfect size and orientation that you desire. And you can choose the location of your home.

I think a lot of people dream of having their own custom built home that suits their lives perfectly. Some people might want a bigger garage so they can have a mini gym. Others might want a bedroom to include a big walk in wardrobe. No matter where we’re living now, there will always be one or two things that you wish you could change. My family may not be huge, but we’re homebodies. I would love more space to make use of in the home. What kind of changes would you like to make to your home?

Sadly, some homes are just not right to be extended in anyway. You may have to consider moving house altogether. Of course, there is still no guarantee that you can find the house of your dreams that ticks all the boxes. So why not look for a custom home builder to create your dream house from the foundations up? This comes with so many benefits beyond having that one extra room.

Rebecca x

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