California Prunes Stuffed with Walnuts | Recipe

Walnut Stuffed Plums

With Christmas on the way, I’m sure a few of you have some dinner parties planned so I thought I would share this lovely, quick and simple picky dessert that is perfect for a buff├ęt. It is sweet but nutty,… Continue Reading

What I Have Learnt From Using Instagram


Instagram is fast becoming my favourite social media platform by far. I have been using it for around two years and I am constantly learning about it and the best ways to use it. Now, I am not an expert… Continue Reading

Strategies to Deal with Children’s Internet Use


Is the internet a good or a bad influence on children? Used correctly it can help them study and it provides creative and interactive learning resources. However, as many adults know, access to the internet 24/7 can have negative consequences.… Continue Reading

Moroccan Carrot & California Prune Salad

Morrocan Carrot & Plum Salad

I’m sharing with you a gorgeous carrot salad today, with a Moroccan twist. It has a fair few herbs and spices but most of which you probably already have in at home. It is perfect to whip up as a… Continue Reading

Things To Consider When Buying a New Shower


How often do you change your shower? The answer is not very often, and for good reason. Showers are big and bulky, and they take a lot of effort to dismantle and install. More importantly, they are very expensive and… Continue Reading