Insta-Update | Febraury

Wow, February has flown by (and not just because it is a couple of days shorter than most months)! We have had a pretty chilled month (I blame the weather) and had lots of craft time and staying at home. There has been several mornings where we have woken up to snow and the kids have loved it. We celebrated a lovely Valentines Day – my hubby has a great choice in cards ;)

Max and I were featured in Mother & Baby magazine in the month and my quadruplet niece and nephews went home from the hospital. I also booked my flight during the month, to go visit them – SO excited!

Anyway, here was our February in pictures…

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Rebecca x

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Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Buying gifts for our mums on Mother’s Day can be very hard, even if we think we know them well. We want to show that we love and appreciate them as our mother, but that we know she’s more than a mum. She might be your loving mother, but having children doesn’t strip you of your personality or turn you into some kind of Borg-like Mum Species. That’s where so many suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts fall down. We don’t all want to receive flowers, chocolates or a Josh Groban CD. And we certainly don’t want an egg timer or a new hoover attachment (well, maybe a nice new egg timer). So how can we buy a gift that’s just for her, and not a generic hamper of bath products?

For the Fashionista

Gone are the days when mums have to start dressing like their grandmother as soon as they hit 50. There are plenty of brands who make stylish clothes for older women, but she doesn’t even have to stick to them if she doesn’t want to. If your mother loves nothing more than a new outfit, there are lots of options for her present. Accessories are best since she won’t need to try anything on, so look at jewellery, bags and scarves to find something she’ll like. If you don’t already know her taste, keep a close eye on what she’s wearing the next time you see her.

For the Wine Lover

It’s not that being a mother turns you to drinking, but sometimes mums, just like anyone else, like a glass of wine at the end of the day. If your mum likes the finer things in life, there’s all sorts of wine-drinking paraphernalia on You could get her a new set of glasses, a crystal decanter, a personalised bottle stopper or even a bottle holder. And if she likes her wine not just tasty but expensive too, a wine with a good vintage surely won’t go amiss.


Susanne Nilsson

For the Bookworm

Most people like to read occasionally, at least, but some people seem never to have their nose out of a book. Buying books for gifts can be tricky because you never know if you’re getting something they already have. Your options are to ask outright, have a sneak around her shelves (or get someone to do it for them) or just take a guess and hope for the best. Alternatively, she might appreciate a voucher, or you could even get her an e-reader.

For the Gardener

Gardening is a favourite pastime for many people, and it’s an excellent place to start if you need gift ideas. This hobby provides endless inspiration for buying presents, from new plants and packets or seeds to gardening gadgets. Whether she grows vegetables or flowers, your mum is sure to love something new to grow or an item that will make the tough tasks a little easier.

Don’t worry if your mother doesn’t fit into any of these categories. Just think of something she loves and work from there.

Hope all Mothers out there have a lovely day!

Rebecca x

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Four Fun UK Cities to Visit with Kids

My family and I go on a lot of weekends and school holiday breaks in the UK. It’s amazing how many family-friendly cities and villages right on our doorstep. My friends and relatives often ask me for advice on where they can take their kids on holiday, where there is low risk of boredom, tears and tantrums. So with the Mother’s Day and the Easter holidays nearly upon us, I thought would be a good idea to write a post on fun places in the UK to enjoy a family holiday. I hope these ideas will help you out.


Picture: Rob Young

1    London

It’s the most obvious place to start, but it’s also the best. London is bursting at the seams with sights and attractions, much of which are designed for children. These include museums, shows, playgrounds and activities. You wouldn’t be able to do even half as much as you wanted to during a holiday in London, so it’s a good idea do your research beforehand and make a list of your must-see attractions. For our next visit, on our list is the V and A Museum of Childhood, the Battersea Park and Zoo and a theatre show like Lion King or Billy Elliot. My kids are also desperate to take the Harry Potter studio tour!


Picture: Michael D Beckwith

2    Blackpool

There are so many family-friendly attractions in Blackpool. I would probably call it the Mecca for kid’s entertainment! There is something to suit every child from mini golf to bowling and water parks to ice skating rinks. And when you are not spending time at one of the city’s many family attractions, you can take your bucket and spade and just spend some time on the beach. There are also a huge number of family-friendly hotels and restaurants to choose from in Blackpool.

3    Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a marvellous place to take your children, especially if they are old enough to appreciate the beautiful appearance and amazing history of the city. Naturally, one of your first stops will be at the Edinburgh castle, inside which there are a number of interactive learning displays for young visitors. Be sure to get there for 1 o’clock to see and hear the gun being fired. If your kids are brave enough, a ghost tour exploring the city’s old town could be a memorable experience. Make sure you pick a tour suitable for children, as the others have been known to shake even the most fearless of visitors!

4    Plymouth

Plymouth is a great idea if you and your family want a lot of outdoor action on your holiday. You can take a ferry trip, go on a Segway or bicycle tour or just go for plenty of lovely family walks in the beautiful scenery. On a trip to Plymouth, I would recommend visiting the National Marine Aquarium. It’s the largest of it’s kind in the UK and, for me, was certainly the most impressive I’ve been to.

These are just some of the amazing places in the UK for family holidays. I hope your next break is a fun-filled adventure for all!

Rebecca x

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Getting Crafty with T-Shirt Kits

I’m always on the look out for crafty things to do with Max. He enjoys doing that type of thing but I’m a bit rubbish and never have much art and craft kit in the house (Mr Maker would be terribly disappointed). So these ready put together kits are right up my street! Max loved that it was something different (never been allowed to decorate clothes before ;) ) and of course bonus that it had Lightening McQueen on it!


The T-Shirt kit is from buytshirtsonline and they have a variety to choose from that include options like Spiderman, Hello Kitty or Princesses. All the kits include a Fruit of the Loom T-Shirt and fabric pens and then an iron on transfer. We  didn’t use all of the fabric pens so it is good value for money.


I ironed on the transfer for him – it was really straightforward and easy to do

DSC_0311 DSC_0315

Max really enjoyed painting his t-shirt, with a little bit of help from Mummy. He spent ages on it and wanted to do more and more and mix up all the colours. Plus, he has been asking to wear it nearly everyday since making it – winning.

DSC_0325 DSC_0330

I did wonder if Max (age 3) would be a little bit too young for this kind of craft but he seriously enjoyed it and loved to create something – can see his ‘rainbow’ around McQueen? ;) He’s really proud of hi t-shirt and tells everyone about how he made a t-shirt – too cute!

What do you think to the t-shirt kits? They’re perfect for us!

Rebecca x

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