Chloe | 5 months

So this is a little bit delayed, she’s now 5.5 months but better late than never. Our little Chloe bean is growing and developing beautifully – I love being her mother!


  • She can crawl! This was officially at 4.5 months which is a little bit crazy. She is not fully on all fours yet but she rolls with her forearm and then pushes up with her knees and she’s off.
  • Chloe is very determined – along with the crawling, it means that if she sees something she wants she goes after it. This includes all sorts including shoes and random things on the floor!
  • We have tried her with quite a few different new tastes. She has had avocado, banana, apricot, fromage frais, blueberries, strawberries and porridge. She has also had apple but really not a fan of that. Oh well.
  • She still won’t take a bottle very well but will have a little bit of she’s desperate. She obviously prefers the taste of expressed breast milk rather than formula as that is what she’s used to. Must get organised and express more!
  • She has been on her first trip on the train (to Yorkshire) and on her first flight (to Spain). As long as she was fed, she was good and slept most of the time. Perfect. It’s great practice for a long haul flight I’ll be taking next month with just her and I – eeeek!
  • Chloe is so happy and smiley, it really is lovely.
  • She has so much hair and its fun putting lots of clips and hair bands in it. Quite dark on top but the new hair growing underneath is quite blonde.
  • Everyone comments on her big eyes! When we were in Spain, we were in a lift and a lady in Spanish was saying how big her eyes are. They are a lovely blue colour too.
  • On the whole, she is a really good baby. She naps well but recently has really regressed in her sleep pattern and wakes up about 3 times per night (she was sleeping through most nights). Fingers crossed that sorts itself out soon.


Rebecca x

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Loom Band Set | Giveaway


I am thrilled to be able to run another giveaway for you all!

HobbyCraft have everything you need for any looming kids of yours and I have got a Cra-Z Art Bracelet Maker, pictured, for one lucky winner. So why not check out the HobbyCraft Loom Band store and then enter the competition – it would make a perfect birthday or Christmas gift.



All you need to do to enter, is check the terms and conditions and if you’re happy with them, click on the Rafflecopter link below and complete as many entries as you would like.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

Rebecca x

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Terms & Conditions:

  • The giveaway will run from 6am on 19th September 2014 and run for 3 weeks, ending at 11.59pm on 10th October 2014, GMT.
  • The prize is one Cra-Z Bracelet Making Kit.
  • Sorry, entry is for UK residents aged 18 or over only.
  • Entries can only be completed through the rafflecopter widget.
  • All entires will be checked and verified.
  • The winner is chosen at random, through the rafflecopter widget, using, from all valid entries.
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  • The winner will have 72 hours to respond with their details, otherwise a new winner will be picked, following the same procedure.
  • The item will be sent out once winner’s address details have been sent and the prize will be sent out by the PR company on behalf of HobbyCraft.

Starting PreSchool (and Why I Won’t be Crying at the School Gates)



I must be getting old – I have officially got a pre-schooler!

Max has started this week and it’s all different kinds of emotions for me.All except for sadness though. I don’t feel sad about it at all.


I’ve had a few people say to me:


“Oh, when he starts preschool will you cry?”

“It’s so emotional, I bet you’ll be crying as you walk home”


I really, really won’t be.


I did get the nickname ‘Ice Queen’ off my sisters as a teenager but before you think I’m completely heartless, hear me out.

It is such an exciting and happy time. He’s growing up, learning, and getting on with things. Max is so ready to be there too and I know it will really benefit him, as in my opinion, there are only certain things you can teach them at home.

When we went for the introduction days before the summer, Max didn’t even care that I was there. He just ran off to join in with the others, and that is totally fine by me. He is developing and growing and this is so important. Plus, it means some quieter time with just the girl and I, a few mornings a week, and I think it’s important that she has some one-on-one time too.


How did you get on when your little one started school?

Any other non-criers out there?

Rebecca x

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*Disclaimer – if you do / did cry, that’s totally awesome too (you’re probably a much nicer person than me haha)

Our Summer Holiday in Spain

We came back from our holiday to Spain a few days ago and man, does it feel cold here! We had just under two weeks of non-stop heat and sunshine. Family time, good food, swimming and lots of ice cream – just what the doctor ordered.

We are lucky to be able to go to El Campello every year as the in-laws have a villa there. It is equidistant from Alicante and Benidorm (whey) so there is always lots to do. We spent most of our time at the beach or at the villa pool as it’s easier with the littles.

We did however, go to Mundomar, an animal and dolphin show place where Max got to have his picture with a sea lion and fed some parrots. We also took a trip to the mountains to go to the Fonts d’Alguar – gorgeous waterfalls that you can swim or paddle in. Combined with a few meals out and a trip to visit some caves, it was a great trip, just the four of us, and I’m looking forward to planning our next adventure.

We took a loooot of pictures but here is just a selection…

20140910_120545-1 20140912_103500 20140912_103431 20140911_111515 20140910_133732 20140910_120943 20140910_112407 20140908_184650 20140907_160512 20140905_200426 20140902_132207

Rebecca x

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