Things Change

Things change.

All sorts really, but particularly when you have a baby.

It’s annoying to say but it is one of those ‘have to have done it’ to understand fully quite how things change.

I knew all that was going on in the world of celebrities and reality TV, up to date on current affairs and well acquainted in ‘the arts’. Now the only arts I’m involved in is finger painting and the extent of my celebrity knowledge is who is the new cBeebies cast member.

One of the major things I have found to change though is time and how I spend it.

When you have young kids, a typical day can include, but is not limited to, providing constant attention from the second you wake up (or are woken up) and get them out of bed, to getting them breakfast and then cleaned and dressed. The attention then goes to ensuring they are kept out of harm’s way; to answering their cries or questions, to keeping them from destroying books at the library or emptying shelves at the supermarket. The attention then turns to being one step ahead so they don’t get too hungry, tired or bored.

Basically it is needing 40 minutes to do what would normally take 10.

It is being constantly aware and watching, constant use of your voice, constantly putting the needs of your child’s above anything else. It’s doing all this, whilst teaching virtually everything. You teach your children to speak, how to be well mannered, to be safe, to be good, developing creativity and empathy.


textingI use to be on top of everything. Organising all sorts, meeting up with friends but lately I’m all on if I even remember to text a friend back. I mean, I usually reply but it is usually at least 48 hours later. Why is this how I spend my time now?

Being a parent is a choice, yes. And a most wonderful joy. But in my opinion, when you have spent all day, every day, parenting, as much of a joy as it is, that when you get 10 minutes to yourself, you just want to be alone for a little rest and alone with your thoughts, to make some mental plans or figure something out. Quite often I’d rather be doing that instead of messaging or calling a friend.

So sorry, friends. I am a bit MIA. I hope you can understand why, because it probably won’t be changing for a while.

Super Busy Mum

Rebecca x

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Red Candy | Review

We were lucky to receive a lot of lovely home ware items when we got married. However, that was over 6 years ago and though most things have survived fine, there a few things that need updated, like plates and bowls – particularly for a food blogger!

I recently came across Red Candy and received some of their gorgeous Sherbet Bowls to try out with some of my cooking. The colours are literally as lush as they are in the picture online, though some are slightly darker, but still rather lovely, and I’ve received lots of lovely comments on the bowls when people have come to visit. Max has been using them too but he insists that he has to have the ‘blue’ (turquoise) one.

They arrived really well packed and sealed and I mean, really well. Box within a box within a box! But they are fairly delicate items and you wouldn’t want to have them arrive smashed or chipped.




They really add a splash of colour to our kitchen (some of our cabinets are glass so you can see them on display). The set looks really good and would work perfectly to display nibbles at a party as they are so striking. But obviously they have been working well for us for our everyday meals and breakfasts.

The only negative I have is that they can’t be used in a dishwasher or microwave which for me, is a little awkward. I have a dishwasher and just chuck everything in there after each meal, so I just need to remember to not put them in and hand wash them.

The bowls are made out of ceramic and have been really sturdy for us so far – must just not drop on our tile kitchen floor! The bowls cost £39, so just over £6 per bowl. This seems to be a fairly average rate for this kind of thing so I think it is really reasonable, plus, if they are naything like other ceramic bowls I’ve had in my time, they will last for years and years. They’ll just look better!

Family Fever

Rebecca x

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*The bowls were gifted in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

Our Weekend | Nymans & The Acorn Beefeater Burgess Hill Review

We had a fairly busy weekend this past one, with a friend’s birthday, a friend’s baby blessing, working, plus a little trip to National Trust site Nymans as well as a lunch out at newly redecorated Beefeater The Acorn in Burgess Hill. Love quality family time (and of course great food).


Max was clearly having the time of his life…

DSC_0378 DSC_0370 DSC_0367 DSC_0352 (2)

First off, the restaurant was a little tricky to find. I think it may be because our sat-nav is a little old but it got us in the area but not quite there. If yours is an older one like ours,  you just need to know that it is really close to the Tesco in Burgess Hill and that will get you there.

I was really impressed with the amount of parking, always a good thing, and first impressions of the outside of the restaurant were really good. We headed in and waited to be seated. I really like the new style of the restaurant, with wooden panelling, cool décor and it felt really open and spacious. It was sparkling clean too. One of my favourite things was that the seating is all different, some booths, some square tables, some round… Made it look good and really eclectic (a good thing)! It looked like a great steakhouse.




I have been to several Beefeater restaurants before and usually you order at the bar and pay before you receive your food but that wasn’t the case here. I think this adds to the experience as I much prefer waiter service. The choice of food was brilliant, a really large range including several starter options, steaks, burgers, salads and grills. Obviously, there were fewer vegetarian options (3 or 4) but I don’t think it would be a problem as I doubt you’d choose go there if you were a strict vegan.

The kids menu is really varied too but get this – per adult eating from the main menu, you get a children’s main, including a drink of squash or milk for free (on Saturdays 12 – 5pm). That was totally amazing and definitely tipped the scale as to if we would go again. Two adults means two free kids meals for us – perfect! The kids mains are normally £4.49ish.

We went for a sharing platter (£9.99) to start with which was spicy piri piri chicken wings, crispy flat cap mushrooms, bourbon BBQ mini ribs, chilli & lime potato dippers and chimichurri flatbread, including ranch, blue cheese and BBQ sauce dips – talk about yummy. All served piping hot and with cleaning wipes as standard ;)

Max had a kid’s steak burger with fries and corn for his main and Chloe had tomato pasta with garlic bread and corn too – both of these went down extremely well, hardly any food left on the plates. Kids also get a free activity pack and crayons which kept Max in particular, very busy. Love things like this at restaurants for kids.


all the chins were clearly a result of all the food…ha!

starter mymeal mikemain

I had the Chicken Piri Piri for my main (£10.99) and Mr U had the BBQ Chicken and Ribs (£13.99). They both tasted great but boy, are the portions hearty! You definitely get your money’s worth on the main dishes. We of course had to have a pudding, for review purposes of course, so we shared sundaes with the kids and had an Eton Mess one and the Tropical one. You can’t got wrong with anything Eton Mess-y but I was most impressed by the tropical sundae. Coconut ice-cream and mango sorbet was a perfect marriage of flavours and then added with pineapple pieces and cream it was really delicious. So much so, that I started eating it before remembering to take a picture haha.

mangopud etonmess

The service was good, short waiting times for our food and paying regular attention to see if our drinks were ready for a refill or if we needed sauces or anything else. I think we would definitely visit the restaurant again and am very impressed by this new style of Beefeater compared to ones I’ve been to before. The menu was 100 times better than similar ones I’ve been too. It isn’t Michelin starred or anything but a good, hearty family-friendly meal. There were nice little options like spicy fries (a Cajun seasoning) and they can be skinny or chunky. Small things like that made it more appealing to me and definitely more like a proper steakhouse. I think it is a perfect, family-friendly restaurant.

Family Fever
You Baby Me Mummy

Rebecca x

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*The lunch was kindly provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Quad Life

I recently went to visit my sister in the US. She had quadruplets a few months ago and I was desperate to get cuddling those babies and helping out.

As Chloe has just turned one I thought it might be a bit much to have her with me as she would just crawl over and want to grab the babies. Max has preschool and now he’s three would be charged for a seat, so it was decided that I would just go by myself. Between the hubs and in-laws my babies were taken care of amazingly. Lets just say though, it was the most relaxing flight. Ever.

I haven’t travelled solo much at all and it might be sad to say but I enjoy my own company so the time out to travel alone was very welcomed. I watched like 4 films and a documentary and even ate my food, whilst it was hot and I didn’t have to share it. See, relaxing.

Anyway, after the flight I had a taxi arranged to get to my sisters and then I got to meet some babies and great to see their older sister again too. My brother-in-law was away for a few of the nights I was there, including the first one, so my sister and I took two babies each for the night. Two were sleeping through at that point so we each had one that did and one that didn’t.


three of the four ready to go out


the babies and I – three boys and one girl

quads2 quads3

My sister has an awesome routine established – she is literally like super woman! They were pretty much on a four hour feeding schedule so we could plan around that. They were all up and awake around 6am (luckily jet-lag helped on that front so I was up and at it every morning and could let my sister sleep longer). I have never been around multiples at all really so I learnt how to bottle feed two babies at a time and get good at holding more than one baby at once.

They still slept a fair while each day but anyone with more than one child knows that it is a rare thing for them to nap at the same time, so usually one was awake. They were so well behaved though and would kick on the mat or have fun in the swing. I guess the bonus thing with multiples is that they don’t get use to being held lots as you have other babies to see to or things to do, so they get good at entertaining themselves.

It was different to what I thought it was going to be like. I knew I was going to be kept busy but I just thought there would be at least one baby crying all the time and clingy babies wanting to be held constantly, but it really wasn’t.  At all. It was a lovely age to see the babies as they were sitting in bumbos and cooing and smiling. They were really chilled and happy too, which I know is down to my sister and the wonderful mother that she is.

I am in awe of anyone that has multiples, obviously most in awe of my sister and her husband. They have four babies to care for and get ready, as well as my 4 year old niece to play with, and as well as plan and prepare paleo meals (yes, really, we ate them basically everyday I was there). Then there is all the bottles and preparing formula, two loads of laundry to wash and sort per day, dishes, nappies… she is just amazing.

They are such healthy little miracles – it was really hard to leave them! Love them so much and I’m so glad to have them as part of our family.

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