5 Ways to Guarantee a Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep woman
Being a mummy will without doubt mean sleepless nights – particularly if you’re new to parenthood. But getting behind on our sleep is a recipe for disaster, especially for those of us who are running around trying to hold down a job and a family.

So how can we make sure we’re getting as much shut eye as we possibly a can? Here are a few tried and tested methods to make sure you get those essential forty winks.


~ Have a good night time skincare routine

It can be very tempting to come in from a night out and fall into bed without taking your make up off – but your skin won’t thank you for it! To help you feel refreshed in the morning, make sure you remove your make up with fragrance and paraben-free wipes, before applying a night cream to help heal your skin while you drift off.

~ Remove all distractions

We’re all guilty of being slaves to the digital age, and unfortunately this is beginning to creep into our bedrooms. Whether it’s a laptop, a television or even your beloved mobile phone, it needs to go – your bedroom is a place of sleep. Scientists have even proven that these artificial lights can hinder sleep, so leave the social devices to the living room.

~ Improve your sleeping environment

While it’s one thing to remove those distractions, have you considered that your bed itself may be the problem? Whether it’s a lumpy mattress or a too-high-tog duvet, you need to address the issue by investing in new furniture. If you sleep with a partner, talk it over with them too – you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time!

~ Get into a routine

One of the biggest hindrances to a good night’s sleep is a lack of routine – for example, working 9-5 all week and then throwing yourself out with late nights at the weekend. If you want a more improved sleep cycle over a long period of time, make a deal with yourself to have X amount of hours each night. Keep a bed time and stick to it, or if you want to be more flexible, have a set amount of time – you can adjust your alarm clock accordingly to fit in with your timetable.

~ Never take your issues to bed

We all go through it – we have a bad day at work or we argue with our nearest and dearest, and it plays on our minds. This is hardly a recipe for a good night’s rest, so the best way you can address it is to talk it through. Many couples have a rule never to leave an issue unresolved before going to bed. If the issue is separate from your relationship however, make sure you have somebody to rant to before you hit the hay – the extra hours you spend talking it out will be more than made up for with improved sleep.

Hope these help you! I know leaving my phone off definitely helps me.

Rebecca x

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Our Week at Bluestone | Review


We got back a few days ago from a fab little trip to Bluestone in Pembrokeshire, Wales. We had such a lovely time, it has been hard to narrow down which pictures I should share as we literally took thousands.

It was really relaxing and nice to have some proper quality family time. The kids loves the swimming and being outdoors. Lots of fresh air and ‘free range fun’ as Bluestone describe it. Perfectly described if you ask me! We walked some nature trails and even took a little trip to the beach. Yes, it is January and yes, it was freezing. But it is such a beautiful part of the world the scenery made up for it.

DSC_0359 DSC_0368

My Favourite Things:

~ The Location – Bluestone is in Pembrokeshire, part of the National Park. It is truly beautiful. The beach was less than half an hour drive away, as are several other walks in the national park, including stunning cliff top walks. Bluestone make it really easy to get off site too, unlike other holiday village type of places I have been to. As the car park is past the barrier, you can leave freely without having to annoy everyone and drive on the car-free zone. If you stay on site, there are a couple of nature trails out into the woods, as well as a little lake. There is 500 acres of woodland and countryside surrounding the resort so lots to wander about in. It is the perfect setting and I highly recommend going for the scenery and location.

~ The Accommodation – we stayed in a Grassholm lodge which is set on two floors. It was so nice! Like, really nice. Lovely high ceilings, big bedrooms, gorgeous kitchen and wait, for it, a wet room! Love this type of thing and would love one in my home (if I ever had a home big enough for one). The décor was really nice and it was all perfectly clean and well kept. It even had stair gates in so perfect for families with little ones. It had everything you needs too, in terms of kitchen utensils and cooking equipment and a basic cleaning pack and towels are provided which is great – less stuff to pack! The other thing that I liked about the accommodation is that they lodges / cabins are fairly close together, but not too imposing. I have been to other holiday parks, and it has felt like they cram all of the accommodation together almost like terraced housing, so I much prefer how Bluestone have it. You really feel like you have your own space. There are 300 lodges or cottages and I think the amount was perfect. We didn’t feel it was overcrowded at all, even though we were there on a week when it was practically full.

DSC_0129 DSC_0130 DSC_0145

~ Variety of Activities – there is a lot to do! You can swim and go on the water slides, you can hire a bike and cycle around, you can hike and walk, run or jog, you could drive to visit the beach and you can even hire a golf buggy and drive around the site – this seemed like the most popular option when we were there. There is also a indoor adventure centre with a huge soft play for the kids that is free of charge. It has lots of different climbing frames, Lego and even mini-golf. Max loved it! There are also things you can pay to do like climbing walls, sensory classes, a crèche, outdoor adventures, the spa… the list goes on and on. There are several restaurants on site too but we self-catered the whole time. We checked out the menus and there seems like quite a big variety, so if that’s your thing, then bonus.

DSC_0198 DSC_0258

Room For Improvement:

~ The Blue Lagoon – whilst I did like the swimming area (and the kids really loved it), there were just a few things that I think it needed to make it perfect. The roof area just seemed a bit incomplete somehow, as it is just exposed wood. Some greenery or ‘sails’ draped around to go with the rest of the nautical theme maybe. There is a toddler pool area which is great but it was so cold! I’m use to kiddie pools being really warm for the little ones but this one wasn’t, so I just think it needed to be heated up a little bit. I’m probably being quite picky, but just my thoughts.



All in all, it was a lovely trip and a lovely place and setting. I would definitely recommend it, especially to those of you with little ones.

Rebecca x

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*We were gifted our accommodation in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

The Ordinary Moments

Soft play centres can quite often do my head in. Loud and noisy kids and mums just busy drinking their Costa to be bothered that their child is whacking mine on the head. We only go ever so often, when I’m feeling brave enough.

We were there recently and I witnessed the loveliest thing – my two littles playing together so nicely. They only do it occasionally at home as Max can be quite protective of his ‘stuff’ and Chloe, naturally, breaks it all of messes it up. But they were just so sweet together and Max was being so protective of her if there were other kids around.

I really hope they have such a great friendship as they grow up. My siblings are my best friends so I hope they are each others too!

Heart. Melted.

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Rebecca x

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(apologies for the ghetto phone pic – it was all I had with me)!

52 Week Photo Challenge | 4

This week’s theme for the photography challenge is LIGHT. I had lots of ideas in my head about what I could do for this theme but I got this picture just this past week while we were visiting Pembrokeshire in Wales. We were out on the beach, with the tide really far out.

It was freezing cold but super sunny – my favourite kind of winter day.



Mummy B Photography Challenge

Rebecca x

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