Making Travel with Babies Easy


Before we had children, Mr U and I had loved in the US for 3 months doing lots of traveling, as well as taking regular holidays and weekends away. Travel is something that we both really enjoy and love to do.

Obviously, when kids come along it can slow things like that down, cost-wise especially, but if you can afford it (and babies don’t cost much to travel until they’re two), then having a baby shouldn’t stop you from visiting where you want to visit. I’m a big believer in making kids fit around you, rather than the other way around.

I have had quite a bit of experience with taking babies on holiday as I’ve even travelled on a 10 hour flight with a 10 month old, by myself. I will be making another solo flight next week with 6 month old Chloe and you know what, if you’re prepared and have everything you need, it really isn’t that bad.

Holiday... Celebrate...

  1. Be Prepared – Have all documents printed out ready and put in a folder. I find that if e-tickets, visas and passports are all over the place, in amongst all sorts of baby things in your bag, it gets stressful. For travel to the US, as I will be doing next week, it’s also so helpful to have a pen in the folder and the address of where you are staying hand, if you don’t know it off the top of your head). Then when you need to fill out the customs form, you again won’t have to rummage through your bag trying to find different bits of paper or a pen. A small thing that for me (OCD queen), reduces stress.
  2. Remember it is different – Realise that travel with a baby is different than you were use to as a single person or in a couple. My hubby struggled with this as he enjoyed flying as he could relax and watch films or read a book and would get frustrated when he couldn’t do those things. I have found that if I go into the flight (or train journey etc) with the mind-set that I’m there to entertain the baby for how ever many hours, it really helps. If they are settled or sleeping, then is when you might even think about reading a book (if you didn’t want to just sit there in silence, ha). If there are two of you then you could take it turns as to when each other can chill out for a little bit, but that should be discussed prior to travel. Airports etc seem to stress everyone so you don’t want to add disagreeing to the equation.
  3. Get a New Toy – a new book or toy (or new to them) will really be a distraction for a little bit of time. Especially if it is perhaps wrapped up. This obvisouly will only work for slightly older babies but I tried it with Max when we flew to Florida with him and it worked a treat.
  4. Food, Glorious Food – I don’t think you can ever have too much in the way of snacks, food and drink. You can take leftovers with you but it will be a big deal if you have too little food! If they are little and still on milk, make sure you have enough powdered formula with you (or the pre made milk, but make sure it’s one with a screw cap as they’ll make you test it at security). If you’re breastfeeding then nothing to worry about, just have a muslin or nursing cover with you, if you use one. Depending on your babies age, finger foods and little pots of food, with spoons etc are all good. Again, just make sure they are the type with a screw lid so it can be resealed after being tested at security.
  5. Calpol – call me a bad parent but as I rarely give my children calpol, on the rare occasion that I do, you can really tell the difference! It makes them sleepier which I think can only be a good thing. Just trying to encourage them to take that nap that I know they need ;)
  6. Ask for help when I flew to Las Vegas by myself, to see my sister, with Max, I asked the staff to hold him while I went to the loo etc – turned out most of them were mums anyway and wanted to help me and brought some extra biscuits and drinks. You can also ask them for things like plastic cups and straws, just to use as a ‘toy’. Max loved (and still does like) playing with straws.
  7. Chill – It will go a lot better than you think it will. Do they just constantly cream when they’re at home? No. So why would they when travelling? And lets face it, they’ll eventually fall asleep ;)

What are your tips for travel with babies? You can read some more travel advice here:

Rebecca x

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*I was compensated for writing this post but all words and thoughts are my own.

Frozen Fancy Dress Costume | Review & Giveaway

Unless you have been hiding away somewhere, I’m sure you know all about the ‘Frozen’ craze that basically every young child loves – Max loves singing along to Olaf’s ‘In Summer’ song! I was lucky to be sent an Elsa costume for my niece, who is a big Frozen fan, and she looks like the perfect (brunette) Elsa.

The delivery from Otley Run Fancy Dress was really quick and the dress is lovely. Really nice material and you can tell that it is well made and durable – perfect for when your child will want to be wearing it basically all the time! The Elsa dress has lovely mesh sleeves, with sparkly snowflakes on the cape. It also includes an Elsa brooch and a few other sparkly details around the neckline and waist. The dress is a good length, without being too long and it has netting underneath for that princess ‘poofy’ skirt. There are lots of shiny sequins on the bodice part of the dress – plenty of shine and sparkle.

frozenedit Frozen1edit

And it looks pretty cute on too!

As you can see it has the perfect twirling cape and nice flowing and shiny dress. The dress costs £18.99 which I think is really reasonable. Especially as it would probably be bought for a special occasion and lets face it, it will get plenty of wear out of it. The rest of the Frozen dresses on the market are all more expensive too so I totally think it’s a fab price point.

I am very happy with the quality of the dress and it does stand up to the test – my niece has had it for a few weeks no and has had no problems to report back. I would also recommend just sponge cleaning / hand washing as it would be quite a delicate item.


Queen Elsa Costume


Princess Anna Coronation Costume


I’m happy to be able to offer one of you lucky lot a Frozen costume of your choice, either Anna or Elsa, costumes pictured above. What a perfect Christmas present!

The sizes available are for ages:

  • 2-3
  • 4-5
  • 6-7
  • 8-9
  • 9-10

So to enter, just click on the Rafflecopter link below and complete as many entries as you would like – you must leave a comment though, letting me know which costume you would like to win and in which size.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Good luck!

Rebecca x

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*I was sent the Elsa dress to review free of charge but all opinions are my own.


Terms & Conditions:

  • The giveaway will run from 6am on 21st October 2014 and run for 3 weeks, ending at 11.59pm on Tuesday 11th November 2014, GMT.
  • The prize is one outfit, from the choices above.
  • Sorry, entry is for UK residents aged 18 or over only.
  • Entries can only be completed through the rafflecopter widget.
  • All entries will be checked and verified.
  • The winner is chosen at random, through the rafflecopter widget, using, from all valid entries.
  • The winner will be announced by 13th November 2014 and they will be emailed, as well as announced through AAUBlog’s social media pages.
  • The winner will have 72 hours to respond with their details, otherwise a new winner will be picked, following the same procedure.
  • The item will be sent out once winner’s address details have been sent and the prize will be sent out direct from Otley Run Fancy Dress.

Christmas – What Should I Buy the Kids?

Eeeeek! Is it too early to mention the ‘C’ word?

Christmas is just around the corner. I’ve spotted mince pies and selection packs galore in the supermarkets and it feels like they come out earlier each year. As a mother (and someone that likes to plan), I think it’s great so I can budget and plan out what I need to get.

In December I will have a 3 year old and a 8 month old so I’ve had to get thinking recently about what is best to get them.

Chloe will be 8 months old. Her play will become a lot more vigorous and will want to grab more things, slam them together, as well as furiously rattling keys and toys. Her fine motor skills will also be developing and becoming more precise. Some great things to get her would be:

  • Books – board or cloth books would work really well. We can read together to help develop her language and then she can grab the book to flip the pages and play with.
  • Blocks – wooden or soft would be great for her to slam together and to knock down. As well as putting them in a box and tipping them back out again.
  • Soft Doll or Animal – great to have an attachment with a cute animal soft toy.
  • Car Toys - moving toys are great to be able to push around the floor and she can see the cause and effect of her actions. Tesco have some great ones (and good prices too).


Max will be 3. Firstly, I can’t believe it I will have a three year old! That is crazy. He is loving preschool and I think these things would be great for him:

  • Art Supplies – finger paints, sponges, pompoms, clay… it’s all good! He really enjoys messy play so I’m keen to help him develop more in that way.
  • Post & Pans – Max will be (and is) at the pretend-play development stage so things that he can ‘act out’ with and mimic will be good choices.
  • Outdoor Toys – I would love to get him a balance bike or a football set. He recently did a football class at nursery that he totally loved so a little goal he can kick a soft football into would be great.
  • Puzzles – we have some puzzles for Max already but I think one that tests him a little more would be great. I’d like to get him one with numbers and letters as he’s learning them at the moment.


What are your top picks for kids this Christmas?

Rebecca x

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*Post written for Tesco.

Firmoo Glasses | Review

I was lucky to be sent another pair of Firmoo Glasses to review. I loved my prescription sunglasses from before so I was keen to try out a pair of ‘normal’ glasses. As I wear contact lenses a lot of the time, it is so nice to have the option of wearing some funky glasses for an alternative look.

I currently have a pair of Gok Wan glasses from Specsavers and they were £99. I have been very happy with them but having the comparison of this pair from Firmoo, it feels like I was charged quite a lot for them. Yes, the Specsavers ones are ‘designer’ but in terms of weight and quality, I couldn’t really find a difference between them.

The Firmoo range roughly cost £24 (but there are some slightly cheaper and some slightly more expensive) which is a brilliant price point. You can also choose from a variety of glasses with different shapes (rectangular, circular, wayfarer etc) and a variety of different materials (plastic, metal, titanium etc). You can add your prescription if you know it, and choose optional add-ons like scratch resistant lenses etc but you can buy the glasses without a prescription if you don’t need glasses to see with, but just fancy a pair.

The only thing that most people would worry about when buying glasses online would be if they fit your face and suited you. You can upload a picture on the website and it will detect where your eyes are and then place the lenses, with the right proportions, on your face. This was really useful! My current glasses are quite square and as I have quite a big, square face I was worried that a cat-eye frame might not suit me but using the ‘trying-on’ tool I could see that I didn’t look that bad ;)

The delivery is quick to say that they come from abroad. There is only one delivery option that costs over £10. I think it would be good if there was a different (slower) delivery option if you wanted to pay a bit less for postage, but other than that I can really recommend Firmoo.

I genuinely don’t think I will get my glasses from anywhere else now as these are such a bargain, good quality and there is such a huge choice.

firmoo firmoo1 firmoo2

What do you think? Do they suit me OK?

Rebecca x

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*I received the glasses free of charge, in exchange for an honest review.