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Summer can be a very busy time. People to see, places to go and lovely weather to enjoy. As a result, I thought the best way to be able to log what our family get up to this summer and to remember our fun adventures for the future, would be to make a memory jar, as recommended by Steph Tilley (Centre Parcs Community Manager).


The hubs and I (plus a bit of input from the toddler), put together a ‘Summer Bucket List’ so we would make sure we would remember to do the things we wanted to. We then ticked each one off as and when it was completed. Then we wrote it down on a piece of paper and put it into our specially decorated bucket list jar, with a picture, so we can look at it next summer.

And the summer after that.

And the summer after that…

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Rebecca x

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*This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 August Challenge. If I am chosen I would like to visit Elveden.

Peas in a Pod | Review


These were such a fun thing to review. They do exactly what they say on the tin! Also slightly relevant with all of these Ice Bucket Challenges I’m seeing everywhere.

These silicone ice moulds are great. They are bright and durable, as well as being easy to use and easy to clean. You simply pour water through the small holes on the top and put in the freezer. Then once they’ve been froze, you pull the ‘pea pod’ apart and pop put the little ice cube ‘peas’. The ice is perfectly spherical so makes a nice alternative to the usual ice cubes. You o need to make sure though, that you get all the air out when putting the water in or they can expand a bit and then you don’t get your perfect ‘peas’.

It is a really handy product, that looks really cute too. I think it would work really well at kid’s parties to pop in drinks, especially if you put some food colouring or chopped fruit in the ice cubes.

You can find more information about the Easy Peasy Ice Tray product HERE.


Rebecca x

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Yolli Baking & Confectionary| Review

I love to bake and have recently been trying out some products to help me, from I have been cake pop-ing and chocolate making galore. First off, the website is great. Clear and easy to use and has such a variety of things. There are lots of choices of cupcake liners, stands, lollipop sticks, chocolate and candy melts and chocolate making moulds and all at really good prices. I thought the price for the candy melts was particularly good as I have only found ones that have been imported from the US and therefore, are a bit pricey for what they are.

I melted the caramel chocolate melts that I received, as per the instructions and it worked perfectly. I poured it over the silicone mould, scraped excess of the top and put in the fridge to set. Really quick and easy. Once they were set, it was so easy to get them out of the mould. I would recommend the chocolate moulds and the chocolate melts. I think they’d make cute homemade gifts if you put a few in a little box or something.




The next thing I made was the cake pops. I was sent some red and blue candy melts and some cute blue and white spotty straws. Cake pops are one of my favourite things to make so I was looking forward to trying it out. I was really disappointed though. The red and blue melts didn’t work in the same way as the chocolate ones. They didn’t melt into a runny consistency, but just kind of part-melted and was quite a thick paste. I obviously couldn’t use the melts to coat the cake pops. I wondered if I had done something wrong but the instructions were the same as the chocolate ones, they just didn’t work the same. The range of straws is great so I would recommend them to you, plus the variety is excellent. The colourful candy melts didn’t really work though so I will be avoiding those ones in the future.



Family Fever

Rebecca x

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Get Good Summer | Week 8

So have any goals been achieved or improved this week?

1. Complete a Book – well, I still haven’t completed it, but am a few more chapters in. I am reading ‘The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie’ by Alan Bradley. It is really interesting. Quite a quirky book as it is written for adults, from an 11 year olds perspective but I’m enjoying it so far. We have been at my parents visiting this week so with grandparents on hand, I have had a little bit more ‘me’ time than usual.

2. Drop a Dress Size – Ok, not quite a dress size but have signed up to Weight Watchers to shift a bit more (I do much better when someone just tells me what to eat, plus there is a bit of friendly competition between my mum and I to see who can lose the most.) and this week I am another 1.5 lbs down. I’ll get to me goal eventually!

3. Improve my Personal Best – I have been running most days this week and have a new running watch to check my progress. My previous 5k PB was originally 32.08 and I managed to get it down to 30.11. I haven’t been to a parkrun for a couple of weeks due to one thing and another but will be going to one on Saturday – so watch this space!

4. Get Creative with our Fruit – I think I will class this goal as done. All of the strawberries and gooseberries are now gone and we have tried various things like jam, salads and pies. Will just have to wait a bit longer to get our apples ripe and I get some crumbles on the go.

5. Try New Things – I think it’s safe to say we now have a potty trained little man. So most of this week has been staying relatively close to home and cracking potty training. But hey, that’s a new thing, right?

How has your week been?

Rebecca x

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