The No-Make-Up Selfie


Millie Mackintosh

I’m pretty sure unless you have been living under a rock, without any form of Wi-Fi, you will have come across the #NoMakeUpSelfie that women all across the UK have been doing to raise money for the Cancer Research UK charity, in recent weeks. The idea is that you are nominated by a friend, you donate some money to the charity, post your selfie pic and then nominate others to do so too. It went viral and even lots of celebrities have been joining in.

Simple enough. And it has clearly worked in an effort to raise money for a brilliant cause – raising over £2 million in 48 hours. While raising money to help with the research to find a cure for cancer is fantastic, I found it interesting when seeing people’s selfies on Facebook, or hearing them talking about the topic, that they would just say ‘oh yeah, it’s just a bit of fun to raise awareness’. Awareness of what? Cancer in general? Or is it just a sentence you say?

What I hope everyone means by ‘just raising awareness’, is that they nominated and posted their no-make-up pic, but then they checked their breasts. Surely this is what it’s meaning by raising awareness? Doing something proactive to spot the early signs of cancer?

The fab people at Coppafeel have come up with some top tips for checking your boobs and what to look out for. As great as the selfie’s were for raising money, let’s make sure we are all aware of what to look out for when it comes to our bodies and breast cancer.


Rebecca x

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