There is no secret that in our house we are big Harry Potter fans. Since the movies came out when I was a teenager to now reading the books with my children, it is something… View Post

There’s just no doubt about it – the world today, the world your kids are growing up in, is totally different from the one you remember as a kid. Some parts of this are good,… View Post

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When I was in my early twenties, a newlywed, with what I would now describe as someone with plenty of time on their hands, I was a scrapbooker. I was pretty bad at it to… View Post

Ok, so the past two weeks have gone by in a blur and have missed two of these updates. And before week is over, I thought that I should give you an update on how… View Post

Do you struggle to buy shoes that fit right? It may be because you need to find the right style for your foot shape. Buying shoes isn’t just in the number sizing– there is a… View Post