Five Creative Pond Hacks You Can Do

Having a pond can bring many benefits to your garden, making the most of a small space potentially and creating a wonderfully relaxing area by which to spend time in the summer, watching the wildlife.

There’s a lot you can do with access to the right pond supplies such as these

However, there is a lot more involved in creating a pond than just digging a big hole in the ground and filling it with water – in fact there are some much more creative ways you can create your own pond so check out these five pond hacks.

Buy a ready moulded pond 

If you don’t fancy hours of digging and then placing the liner and securing it all with rocks, making a painstaking and muddy weekend project, then try buying an already moulded pond base from a garden centre.

You can just put it on the ground, build up rocks around it so it looks like part of the garden and hey presto; you have created your very own pond with no back-breaking digging required. Of course you can dig a hole to place the moulded base into, but you don’t have to!

Ready moulded ponds also don’t have to be limited to those you can buy in a store. Any kind of large plastic container, or even something unusual like a recycled old tractor tyre, can be cut into shape and used as a ready-made pond base

Use plants to sculpt your pond

When you first create a pond it will just look like a big hole in the ground full of water – the trick to making it seem part of the landscape is to add plants and rocks around the sides and edges of the pond as if they have grown up around it.

Buy some plants designed to grow around the edges and add in a few rocks here and there – all cheap enough from your local garden centre – and your pond will look as though it’s always been a fixture of your garden.

Choose plants with interesting foliage and colourful flowers but make sure they are planted in a way so their roots won’t compromise the pond liner, and also bear in mind you need access to the pond so don’t pick plants which will take over the edges and overtake the pond potentially.

Turn your pond into your own zen garden

Creating your own Zen water garden doesn’t have to be complicated – it’s just a case of creating clean simple lines and a quiet reflective atmosphere.

Try using stones to create a flat border around your pond, rather than any plants, to keep it really simple and clean.

Then you can add in a handful of exotic plants, potentially in pots, around the pond, to create a unique area of the garden. If you want to go all the way then add in a Buddha statue, for your very own haven of tranquillity.

Create a modern rectangular pond

If you want a modern pond design use decking planks or recycled wooden pallets to edge the pond instead of traditional rocks. That way you can create rectangular and square shaped ponds. If you are really creative you could even create a triangle.

Some unusual water gardens have round decking as the walk way area and the water is in between them, rather than the other way round so be as creative as you want – it’s all a great way to recycle unwanted decking and pallets which you have lying around.

If you already have a decking area, you could even create your pond in the centre of it to make a really striking but simple water feature for your modern garden.

Add a water feature to your pond

A simple hack to make your pond far more decorative is to add a water feature such as a waterfall r a fountain to it. You can build it yourself from stones and rocks in the garden, or buy a ready-made one such as a statue or vase, for example.

Then you just need the water pump and you have created an interesting addition to the pond without costing the earth.

Check out some of these for inspiration.

The added benefit of a water feature like this is it will help to keep your pond water well-oxygenated which is good news for all of your plants and aquatic life which take up residence in your pond, so it helps the pond as well as providing a relaxing and interesting feature for the garden.

There are lots of creative ways to make and build your own garden pond, and they don’t have to cost a fortune. By recycling material you already have, you can really enhance your pond and make it a unique and beautiful aspect of your garden which looks as if it has always been there and is a completely natural feature.


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