If you follow me on social media then you will know that lately we have been making a lot of changes to our home. We added an extension at the beginning of the year, and… View Post

Writing this over the weekend led me into a false sense of spring. Last week is was really lush, but now this weekend it hasn’t been the most spring-like weather. But I still hold out… View Post

With the lovely sunny weather that we have been having, it has been so nice to get out in the garden more and more. Especially late into the evenings when it is still nice and… View Post

People that have followed my blog for a number of years will know that around this time I will start harping on about strawberries. We have been growing them for quite a while in our… View Post

If you have considered growing in raised garden beds instead of directly in the ground, I think it’s a good idea. Because you will likely have higher yields, less weeds and discover that they are… View Post

Often, we feel as though we’ve outgrown our homes. We’re on a constant quest to make the most of every nook and cranny we can find. How else are we meant to fit everything in?… View Post