With Halloween being a matter of days away, and Bonfire night around the corner, it gets me thinking about all of the food we have at this time of year. There are plenty of things… View Post

For now, Max has school dinners for his lunch at school. Then when it comes to starting year three, it will all be about the packed lunch. For now, though, I have got Chloe to… View Post

Life is busy for us and our family, and it can be quite easy to just eat on the go or sat in front of the TV. As well as just taking the time to… View Post

Max has had two weeks of school now and we are finally getting into the swing of things. Although he stays for school dinner for his lunch, he takes a snack each day for his… View Post

With winter here it means I get my slow cooker out and get my porridge ready made and warm for when we wake up. Perfect for me. Perfect for the kids. Weekday mornings can be… View Post