It seems like I spend a lot of time driving in the car. At weekends we often go out on day trips as a family. But during the week there are several things that we… View Post

When Max started nursery school, he stayed for lunch once a week. And I can tell you, that one lunch a week stressed me out. I had to make sure that we had everything in… View Post

Being a stay at home parent is no easy ride. I think whether you work to provide for your children, or stay at home to care for them, both have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s… View Post

There is always time, even if you are a mum, to learn a new skill for a new career or just for a hobby. If your passion is in fashion and design, many short training… View Post

When my children were first born, I was the worst at getting into a routine. I breastfed them both and in my experience, it is hard to get them in a steady routine when doing… View Post