I don’t think you could have got anywhere yesterday without hearing about the Royal Wedding. After contemplating going up to Windsor to see the pomp and ceremony of it all (and to try and catch… View Post

Another week has zoomed on by, the time is flying so fast. It will be the six week summer holidays before I know it. The original thought of having to be taking these XLS-Nutrition shakes… View Post

Since the new year, I have been making some changes in our home to make sure that we are using less waste. Food waste has been a big one for us, but I have become… View Post

While there’s no doubt that summer is the season of fun adventures and daylong activities, there’s also no denying the fact that it is the season of allergies, nausea, bug bites, and jet lag too.… View Post

So here we are, now finished four weeks of using the new XLS-Nutrition healthy weight loss shakes. I have still been enjoying the shakes, as the taste is fine and they do really help to keep… View Post

I have been watching what I eat quite meticulously of late, and using the new XLS-Nutrition shakes to help me shift some weight. I am now into week 3 of having the shakes, and things… View Post