10 Day You Challenge: Day 6

Day 6: Six Places

Some places that I love are:

My bed –  I love sleeping and have the most comfy bed and duvet ever

North Yorkshire – Where I was born and raised. It’s so pretty and holds so many lovely memories for me.

LDS Temples – I love visiting them and serving there. My husband and I were married in the Preston LDS temple

The Caribbean – Mike and I went to one island there with my family when we were dating and went to a different island there on our honeymoon. I love it there, so beautiful, chilled out and sunny.

Anywhere with my little family – love my two boys

Airports – so random but I don’t find them stressful at all (unless my husband is stressing). You are forced to look in the lovely shops and to just chill out, maybe read a book or listen to music, and wait. Plus, if you are at an airport it means you are going on holiday!!

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