10 Day You Challenge: Day 8

Aggghhh this one is hard – eight fears??

Hmmm, in no particular order, I fear…

1. Spiders – horrible creatures

2. Drowning – seriously, the worst way to die I believe

3. My house burning down – I have had this fear since I was very young for some reason

4. Dying young – I want to live to a ripe old age

5. Not fulfilling my potential – must get cracking on living the best life I can then!

6. Being miserable – I am pretty happy-go-lucky and I amĀ adamantĀ that I will keep it that way

7. Being in a car crash – it hasn’t happened yet… touch wood!

8. Turning 30… Loser-ish I know but it just means I’m getting old…

Haha these are all so random… what are your fears??

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