10 Reasons Why Cruising is the Ultimate Way to Travel

When the travel bug hits, it’s hard to shift. We daydream for weeks and months on end about the possibilities of where to visit next, and destinations to add to our bucket list. Often it feels like it will take a lifetime (or probably more) to see the world. But it is doable, would you believe.

Have you ever considered cruising as a means of holidaying? You won’t just get a luxurious holiday to one destination of your dreams, but several! Why Just choose Paris when you can have Paris and Rome?!

Not sold by the cruise life? Here are our top 10 reasons why cruising is the ultimate way to travel:

  1. There is so much beauty in Europe just waiting to be explored. If you just can’t decide where you’d like to vacate too, a cruise is a great option.
  2. You’ll be dropped off at a port primely located for travellers who want to see the best sights that city has to offer. Excursions will be provided that take you to unique and stunning locations without the stress and hassle. There’s no obligation here, of course; the world is your oyster and you can explore solo if you’d prefer.
  3. Cruising is the perfect holiday for a diverse range of people because you can really do as much or as little as you want. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, lounge lizard or a bit of both, there is something for all tastes and ages.
  4. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, why not hop on a cruise that takes you to some of Europe’s most picturesque spots? You could be on a gondola ride in Venice on Monday and wake up to the breathtaking views of Santorini the next day. Everyday is a surprise which will make your romantic hearts sing!
  5. Maybe you would like to book the perfect family holiday for a larger group; a cruise provides the perfect holiday for everyone. The all inclusive aspect makes everything so relaxed, imagine; no cooking, no cleaning or making the kids beds! Your children will enjoy being by the pool and there will be plenty of activities for them to join in with. Cruises provide fantastic kids clubs so that you can have a bit of a break too.
  6. One of the most popular reasons for cruising is for “The food!”, as much as people are too embarrassed to admit it! It’s impossible to go hungry on a cruise.
  7. Incredible cuisine and onboard sports and activities are included in the cost of your cruise. That makes it easy to budget for those extras such as spa treatments and onshore excursions. You can enjoy every day to the full without blowing your budget.
  8. A cruise is a great opportunity to properly unplug. There are a few brave souls who can truly power-down and unplug while on vacation. People who walk around carrying around actual books, their phones locked away in their rooms and the laptop at home! A great way to completely leave work behind.

There are as many reasons to cruise as there are types of cruises on offer. From the week long getaway to the round-the-world trip of a lifetime, a cruise holiday lets you explore regions of the world in comfort and affordable luxury.

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  • Hello Rebecca,
    I have been planning for a long time on the cruising. Yes i totally agree with you that there are bountiful food and drinks on board and you can just take everything easy. I never been on a cruise trip before, i always take the plane.

    How you are letting me of contemplating to go cruising. I will try to check out the destinations originating from Canada.

    Your article is very helpful and great insight the alternative means to travel by cruise.

    I will share this
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  • Ah, so I’m super scared of the sea but I LOVE the idea of a cruise. Coming across this has made me think it may be worth trying to do something about my fear because cruises look soooooo fancy which are definitely a bit of me.