10 Smart Home Gadgets For The Best Summer BBQ

It’s BBQ time! Now that the sun has finally emerged, it’s time to start planning your epic BBQ adventures this summer. Are your burgers the best on the street and do your bangers leave the neighbours jealous? If so, it may be time to up your game even further with the next generation of BBQ tools and gadgets. Let’s make use of those Argos vouchers for garden products that you’ve been holding onto since Christmas and start to upgrade your grill.

The pro-grill brush

Let’s be honest, the worst part about having a BBQ is the cleaning up that occurs afterward. If you’re sick of scraping the grime off the grill, you are in luck. New cleaning products have been designed to make life easier, including a grill brush that creates steam to loosen grime and food easily. It’s also dishwasher safe so you can get the job done in no time at all.


Ice shot glasses

Make sure your guests stay cool at your event and serve them their favourite tipple in an ice shot glass. Simply fill the mould with water, freeze and fill with your favourite spirit. These can also be used for fun ice smoothie shots!

Turning tongs

How often have you found yourself flipping a sausage or burger, only to see it lying on the ground a second later? BBQs can be a tricky business, especially when you don’t have the right tools for the job. Luckily, the next generation of tongs has evolved to ensure that you can grip the meat from both sides, giving it a firm hold and reducing the amount of food that the dog gets to eat as he waits for you to slip!

Bacon grill rack

Now we all know that bacon makes everything better, but have you considered adding it to your BBQ? With a bacon grill rack you can cook perfectly cooked rashers, plus the handy grease well collects drippings for easy cleaning and a healthier dish.

Food containers

The key to a good BBQ isn’t great burgers, it’s great organisation. As the day gets more manic and more people bring dishes to the table, it’s vital that you’re on top of it all. A handy container kit with clearly marked areas to separate raw food, cooked food and utensils will ensure that everything is in its rightful place.

Food thermometer

BBQs are an essential part of summer, but they also come with their risks, especially if you do not pay attention to what you are serving. A thermometer is key to making sure that all meat is cooked and served at the right temperature and the next generation of gadgets includes wireless thermometers that let you know when the food is cooked, ensuring you have a safe and happy BBQ. For more information on this, read this handy guide from the NHS on BBQ health and safety.


Sausage rotator

Make sure your sausages are cooked on all sides by investing in a hot dog rotator. A BBQ just isn’t the same without a banger so you can ensure that yours are cooked to perfection as they rotate over the coals.

Pizza oven

Why not mix up the menu this summer by adding a little Italian flair to your BBQ? Pizza ovens are fast becoming a must have for any modern home and the latest versions have a built-in thermometer to ensure you know when your dish is ready. If you’re a fan of authentic, crisp, smoky pizzas, this is a must for you.


The burger press

If you’re bored of plain old burgers, why not make your own? With a burger press you can create your dream combination, whether it’s stuffing cheese in the middle, wrapping it in bacon (yes bacon again!) or going wild with the chills. You won’t settle for an ordinary burger again.

Vegetable clips

Ok, so vegetables may not be at the top of your list when it comes to BBQ food – however, it’s always good to have some greenery on offer. If you’ve ever struggled with grilling vegetables on the BBQ or perhaps had to deal with a runaway asparagus, invest in some vegetable clips to keep everything together on the grill.

Have you got any BBQs planned soon? Seems like we need to have as many as we can when there is some sunshine!


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