10 Ways to Use a Muslin Baby Cloth

Muslin cloths are great. They are so versatile and my favourite things are that they easy to wash, they wash well and are really quick to dry – essential for using with little ones! I’ve been using some of Babymoov‘s latest designed muslin cloths and they are just gorgeously designed. I have used lots of muslin’s with both of my babies but they do have uses once babies have grown too.

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Here are ten ways to use a muslin cloth:

1. Swaddling – nothing better than a little burrito baby! Swaddling is great in the early days as babies much prefer to have that close, almost restricted feeling, as it was what they were use to in the womb. Muslin’s are thin so the layers make the baby warm, unlike a heavy, sweaty material like fleece.

2. Playing Games – games like peek-a-boo can be great fun using a muslin. There are lots of games when your little one is a bit bigger too. My three year old loves playing a ‘matador’ style chase game.

3. Bib – fold the cloth into a triangle and then wrap it around the babies neck and loosely tie it – works for bottle feeding or when starting to wean.

4. Cleaning – this could be for cleaning up baby’s sick or spilt milk or even using to clean around the house wiping the table and clearing up spills and messes.

5. Burp Cloth – didn’t you know what the latest fashion for parents is? Wearing a cloth on your shoulder, don’tcha know?! Everyone’s doing it

6. Sun Shade – they don’t block out the light / sun completely but you can use the longer cloths to drape on the pram hood or car seat handle to keep your little one covered and protected. Also works when out and about to stop pesky strangers looking in at your baby.

7. Blanket – a light blanket for baby or for an impromptu picnic. Winning.

8. Breastfeeding Cover – in my experience you will need one of the larger ones for maximum coverage, but as they cloths are thin and light, you know it won’t be bothering baby too much, whilst covering you up.

9. Fashion Accessory – see, not just for babies. You could fold it up to use as a headband and tie it in a cute little bow. You could even use folded in a triangle as a bandana for the beach or as a neckerchief.

10. Making Nut Milk – yes really! This is definitely one of the ‘use when they’re older’ uses but I do it all the time and it is really easy. You use the muslin cloth to strain the blended nut and milk mixture as a sieve just doesn’t cut it.

Have you used muslins before? Any other uses you would suggest?

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*the muslin cloths were gifted in exchange for this post. All thoughts are my own.

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  • Those muslins look beautiful! I’ve used mine for most of those uses, in particular the sun shade and swaddling. My daughter has another use for her Mimi – as she calls it – as a comforter. It comes most places with us but is particularly useful for getting her to sleep. #brilliantblogposts

  • Some great tips and tricks! and those muslin cloths look so beautiful! The ones I own at the moment are quite plain! #thelist

  • I’m so pleased I found this post. I see these little packs of muslin squares in all the baby sections in every store, and I have never known what they are for. As a non parent, figured I was just missing something, but I’ve asked a fair few mums and no one seemed to know! Thank you for clearing that up for me 🙂 #TheList

  • Aww I miss having a baby thats small enough to use a muslin, there’s something so comforting about them! And these designs are just gorgeous. Great post 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #TheList xxx