13 Colorful Craft Projects for Your Home to Get Ready for Spring

If you have had enough of the cold winter nights and would like to improve the look of your home, why not start a creative project to add some vivid colors and boost your mood? There are several great ways you can get creative; whether you are a crochet person or love painting and decorating.

From upcycling projects to creating your own curtains and matching cushion covers, getting seasonal decor ready, like Fathers Day SVG for crafts or making something for Mother’s Day, there are several projects you can finish before the spring, and pass the time during cold dark nights. Below you will find a few tips on how to get started.

  • Your Own Curtains

The simplest way of transforming your rooms ready for the bright days is by adding color through your curtains. If you have dull colors, you can simply add a fringe or drapes on the top, which is easy to do if you get the pattern online and measure your windows carefully. A colorful drape that matches your original color can transform your boring winter room into one that is full of life and light. Red goes perfectly with gray, and you can add floral patterned drapes to your beige to make them look funkier and more fun, and you could even get a daisy SVG to print a floral design of your own.

  • Cushions

No matter if you have a rustic style home or prefer contemporary decor; you can simply add color through a few cushions. Some people change their cushions and cushion covers according to the season, and if you are crafty, you can do the same. Floral patterns on cushions that match your armchair and sofa, as well as your rugs and carpet will be a good way of transforming the look of your home cheaply. In the winter, you can create your own wildlife or animal picture cushions using a transfer paper, if you have a rustic home. If you would like to improve your comfort and add more soft furnishing, you can buy Foam cut to size so you can choose the size and shape.  

  • Boost Up Your Seats

Your kitchen chairs might be uncomfortable, or you simply want to add color. The best solution is to get some seat cushions that fit your chairs, and get creative. If you have your dining table in the kitchen area, you can go for a more traditional rustic style with checked patterns and stripes. If you have a large dining area with antique furniture, you need to be more careful. Use burgundy, dark teal, or green, maybe dark purple to compliment your existing colors. Beige  is not practical, but a dark lilac will be the perfect match for dark oak furniture and dining tables.

  • Gaming Seat Project

In case you or one of your family members like passing the night playing games, you can get a great gaming seat created from scratch. Use your imagination and shop for the right filling that will be flexible and firm enough to support the back. A game seat can be an upcycled car seat, or a foam filled funky shaped chair. If you have a shed where you keep all your DIY tools, you can make this a winter project, and transform your kids’ game room instantly. The good news is that you can build one in just a few weeks, and you are not likely to spend more than $100 if you use recycled materials.

  • Upcycled Shelves

It might be time to visit some antique shows or auctions, maybe your local flea market for some bargains to turn into shelves. You can use old palettes, or bottle storage boxes, and make your own designer shelves for your kitchen to hold your spices, or your bathroom to organize your cosmetics. Paint your own words and make your shelves unique, choose bold colors, and impress your visitors.

  • Feature Wall

If your living room is looking a bit tired, you might want to start designing your feature wall. You might take the easy route and add colorful artistic decals, or paint your own pictures, if you are good with the brush. Whether you want to feature your best pictures in the middle of the feature wall and would like to create a colorful frame on your feature wall, or would like to get a custom wallpaper added made of your latest holiday pictures, you should use your imagination to make your nights in even more enjoyable.

  • Create Your Own Canvas

You might think of canvas as something you order and buy, but you can get blank ones and use different stamping templates and sponge technique to create your own word art or quotes. Whether you want to impress your friends or have your favorite words displayed in your bedroom or in the living room, you can get creative. Choose the color, use a stamp template, create your own mold, and add a rustic, modern, or artistic canvas to your home. Instead of printing, you can create your own paint-by-number template and get the family involved in the project.

  • Vintage Mirrors

You can pick up a vintage mirror from your local thrift store or a flea market near you, and transform it into a home decor item. Whether you would like to create a tray or a unique picture frame, you can do it with a bit of creativity. If you have a rustic home, go for the distressed look by removing some of the paint using a wire brush, and applying wax to protect the surface, or paint it a bold color to add some fun. For a Scandi-chic style decor in your home, add old fur to your mirror frames, create shelves of old mirrors, and paint them pastel colors that match your wallpaper.

  • Painting  Cabinet

If you have paintings you simply don’t have space for on the walls, you can attach them to your kitchen cabinet doors to make your space look more unique and colorful. You don’t need a lot of skills for this, and you can attach the handles to the frame of the picture. Whether it is a modern art print or a reprint of a classic painting, you can make sure that you have a one-of-a-kind cabinet you can be proud of in the summer when you hold your parties.

  • Embroidered Wall Art

Those who are good with needles can embark on an embroidery project. There are several wall art embroidery patterns available online. Use them to give you inspiration or fall in love with a picture and recreate it in your home. From words to images and faces, your favorite TV show characters, and quotes; you can create almost anything if you choose the right colors and size. Choose a colorful frame, and make your patterns speak for themselves.

  • Paper-mache

To add some simple decoration to display on your coffee table, kitchen worktop, or your dining table, side table, you can make paper-mache fruit or vegetables to put in your bowls. If you would like to learn how to make paper mache and paint your designs, you will find plenty of useful resources online. The good news is that you can recycle all your old newspaper and create decoration that will look expensive on a low budget. Use bright and realistic colors, and try different techniques until you are an expert at this technique. You can even create wall decoration, such as dried flower design or even animal shapes.  

  • Cross-stitch Wall Art

Of course, you can buy a lot of wall art items online and at your local store. But making your personalized cross-stitch designs is much more fun. Whenever you feel like raiding the fridge on a cold winter night, you can prevent overeating by starting a project. Get inspiration from quotes, or simply create your kitchen cross-stitch pictures with coffee cups, vintage cakes, inspirational quotes, ingredients, and meals. Use your imagination to design the perfect cross-stitch picture or word art for every room and show off your creativity.

  • Copper Pipe Table

In case you have some copper pipes left over from the last home renovation project, use them for something great. If you have a large piece of shatter-proof glass, you can veld the pipes together to make the legs of the table and place the glass on top. Use the table in your conservatory to compliment your rattan furniture. You can also use colored glass or recycled marble worktops cut to size, so you can create a unique and colorful table that is easy to wipe, looks exclusive, and shows off your skills.

There is no better way of passing time in the winter than getting ready for the colourful and bright spring. Add some style to every room, using the above ideas, and express yourself. Getting creative will boost your mood, and creating something from recycled materials will make you feel good about yourself. Find your next winter project; let it be a new cushion cover for every member of the family, or a paint-by-number canvas. Use the day for brainstorming and the night for creativity. You will soon notice that time is passing quicker, and spring is just around the corner, ready for your latest creations.

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