15 Brilliant Bathroom Hacks

The bathroom is supposed to be a place to relax in the tub, answer the call of nature and tend to personal maintenance tasks in privacy but if it’s cluttered, grotty or in poor working order, bathroom-time can feel kinda gross.  

Here’s 15 brilliant bathroom hacks to make it better:

Shower Hacks

  • If you shower in the bath, fit one shower rail to the outer edge for your curtain and another along the inner wall. Add some S-hooks and baskets and you can hang all your toiletries, sponges, bath toys or anything else you like, out of the way yet within easy reach when you need it.
  • If your shower is totally lame, then try cleaning the shower head with distilled vinegar. Pour some into a food bag, shove in the shower head, tie it up and leave it overnight. It will dissolve all the scum that’s built-up inside to give you stronger jets of water.
  • Life is too short for a shoddy shower but if it’s a pressure or temperature problem, no amount of vinegar will help. The experts at Online Pump Supplies give some advice and they recommend using a Grundfos hot water pump for turning a lame shower or bath into a truly luxurious one.

bathroom hacks 2

Cleaning Hacks

  • Got a blocked plug hole? The most common cause is tangled hair knotting up in the pipe but don’t splash cash on a plumber, just squeeze a tube of Veet down there and your pipes will be unblocked and silky smooth in no time.
  • Paint the bottom of metal cans with clear nail varnish to prevent rust rings appearing on your surface.
  • Most cleaning tasks are dull or disgusting and the bathroom is the worst but you can spice the job up with power tools. Just fix the head of a scrubbing brush to a drill bit, spray on your choice of grime-busting cleaning products and go to work. Note: This is quite addictive.
  • Rub taps with shaving foam and then wipe clean for a super shiny finish.

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Storage Hacks

  • If you use grips to keep hair in place or tweezers to yank them out, you’ll know that every time you need those things they’re impossible to find. Stick a magnetic strip inside the bathroom cabinet and stick anything metallic on there.
  • Has the posh hand-soap run out? Fake the good stuff by squeezing a cheaper, less exotic brand into the fancy bottle.
  • Take a handful of drawer knobs you like and fix them to the bathroom wall to hang jewellery on. It won’t tangle or get daubed with soap-scum or toothpaste residue.
  • Get more in your storage space with tension rods. Simply fit them across the top of your bathroom cupboard to hook cleaning products and cloths on so the bottom of the cupboard is clear for anything else you want to keep handy.

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Comfort Hacks

  • Put a little shelf over your toilet roll holder. It’s perfect for sticking a book and a morning brew on.
  • Like to test out your vocals in the bathroom? Then put your phone into a dry sink to amplify the speakers.
  • Smear your mirror with shaving foam and then wipe it off to stop steam obscuring the view.

What is your top bathroom hack?


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