16 months…

Yep, as the title suggests, Max is now 16 months old! I haven’t been so good at keeping up to date on here with what he is up to but I will give you a run down of all things toddler now…

Just chillin’ as we wait for daddy at the train station

 – He has 8 teeth, two on the bottom and the rest on top. He has lovely luscious lips and when he smiles you can rarely see his top teeth so I get “aww, does he just have those bottom two teeth?” quite often
– As you can see in quite a few of these pictures, he gets really rosy cheeks. Sometimes down to teething, other times I’m not sure why, just a little rosy cheeked guy
– He is still a really good sleeper. Definitely got lucky with that one. Bed time is usually 7.30 or 8pm and then he goes for 12 hours, all the way through. We keep him up until after 7pm so that he can see Mike when he’s home from work but it works well in that I don’t have to get up very early with him in the morning
– He is really good at napping now, well, if we are at home. He will have an hour in the morning and at least an hour in the afternoon too. Though if we are out and about he’s not so good at getting to sleep in the pushchair

Such a poser

– He is a little chatter box. He makes lots and lots of sounds and noises. Just need to work on him saying some actual words. He says a few but not many
– He took his first steps at 11 months but it was more like 13 months when he actually would walk unaided and choose to walk by himself. He is big ( 90th centile for weight and height! ) so it’s nice that I don’t have to carry him everywhere now
– He has lots of blonde hair with a little bit of a wave. He has had two haircuts since December. I’m not such a fan of it when it gets long and messy
– He loves food and, so far, we haven’t had much fussiness. He basically eats what we eat and is really good feeding himself with his hands. He is pretty good at feeding himself with a fork but learning to feed himself with a spoon for messier things, though more ends up on his face than in his mouth! His favourite treat are fruit ice lollies that I make for him and he loves bananas, red peppers and baked beans (not all together)!

Modelling his new PJ’s

– He loves music! Singing, twirling, clapping and dancing to music. He has a little keyboard that he likes to play and also loves to play on daddy’s big piano. If Mike has anything to do with it he will be doing his Grade 1 but the time he is 4 haha
– He loves cars but hates buses. So random, but whenever we are out walking and there is a bus that goes past he will just freeze and look at me with his sad face. As soon as its gone he’s fine. He likes cars going past though, strange? Maybe it’s all of daddy’s F1 influence
– He has visited three countries – USA, Spain and France (well, France in two weeks)
– He has had a few visits into nursery at church to get him use to going in at 18 months. A day I am looking forward to!
– He doesn’t particularly have a favourite toy at the moment but he has a favourite blanket. It was one that was made for us as a gift and its quite big. He drags it around with him everywhere so needless to say, it’s a nightmare trying to get it cleaned!
– He is a little magpie. Anything shiny and he will collect and put it in a certain corner in his push trolley. This also includes our keys or mobile phones. At least we know where we can find them
– He is a little tec baby. He knows what to press to unlock the iPad and get on a certain drawing game that’s on there for him and knows how to play music on it. Seriously, babies these days are so smart

We love this little guy and love seeing his personality more and more. He can have such attitude sometimes, he definitely knows what he wants, but he also has such a lovely gentle nature and the best giggle. He still likes cuddles so I enjoy that time just the two of us.

Just hope the next 16 months don’t go as quick!

Trying to style his hair… can you tell I’ve never had to style a boys hair before?? Haha
He is full of cold in this picture but he’s still my smiley guy

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