2014 – Review of the Year

We have had such a great and busy year so I thought I would highlight our best bits so I can look back and remember all about it. Of course, the main thing was welcoming little Chloe into the world, in April.


– We started off the year celebrating 5 years of marriage (who gets married on 2nd January)?! 😉 It has been a great 5 years and has gone by so fast.

– I entered the third trimester of my pregnancy.

20142 20146


– I went and had all of my long hair chopped off! I don’t know if it was pregnancy and wanting to change something about myself, or if I was just fed up with my hair, but I went for the chop. Until now, it was one of the shortest haircuts I’ve ever had in my life.

– Max went to a ‘big-boy’ bed for the first time. He already had a bed in his room so we got a bed guard and he was an absolute dream and sleeping in it. Result!

feby4 wpid-IMG-20140205-WA0000.jpg


– We had such a great time at Centre Parcs with my family. My sister and niece were over visiting from the USA so we all got together. I was quite pregnant at the time so it was nice to be around family and for Max to have such a great time with his cousins.

– I had a lovely Mothers Day. I had hoped baby girl would have made an appearance by then but she hadn’t. My last one as a mother of one.

– Some of my gorgeous friends threw me a baby shower. It was so lovely and I was utterly spoilt.

Mar2 centerparcs14


– Well, on the very 1st day of April, Chloe arrived! Our gorgeous girl was born at 10am precisely, weighing 8lbs 12oz. She is such a lovely girl and it is so fun to see her growing up.

– I turned 27! Crikey. Chloe was only a couple of weeks old at the time so it wasn’t the most memorable birthday I’ve ever had (I think the highlight was getting dressed and the hubby made me a cake). But I have one every year so that’s OK!

april4 april11


– We took a trip up to my parents, in North Yorkshire, to introduce Chloe to people up there.

– Lots of learning to be a mum-of-two and getting myself organised.

– I ran my first 5k since having Chloe and did it in 33 minutes. I was pretty pleased!

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– We had a lovely family day for Chloe’s blessing day. It was gorgeously warm and we all had a picnic afterwards – perfect.

– Something was crossed off the Bucket List as we went for breakfast at The Shard in London.

– Enjoyed some lovely sunny weather and made jam for the first time! Such a highlight haha.

– We went to The GoodWood Festival of Speed. Mr U loved it!

– We got a brand new niece – Elodie Ava.

20140609_161357 20140607_101403


– Our first trip to Chessington World of Adventures was in July. A lovely fun day.

– I went to my first blogger event with the kids, whilst Mr U conquered Snowdon.

– We went to my cousin’s gorgeous wedding in Preston, so more family time in Yorkshire too.

20140715_110234 14651825875_fbebc668f7_z


– Lots of lovely summer days so a lot of trips to the park, feeding the ducks and just generally being out and about.

– Mr U turned 29!

augs12 augs11


– Max started pre-school!

– We took a family holiday to Spain. It was brilliant and a we were lucky with two very well behaved children on the flights.

– After our holiday in Spain we had some family pictures taken. It is so hard to coordinate 4 people (especially when it includes two little people).

– I started back at work, part-time.

septy8 septy5 septy15 2014 100 edit


– Chloe and I went to Chicago to visit my sister and her family.

– We all had a fun Halloween (albeit, in different countries).

halloweeny7 octy14.2


– I came back from Chicago on 11th November so we had lots of fun trips out there, including Downtown and a cheeky visit to the Home Alone house.

novy5 novy26 chicago6 novy18


Max turned 3!

– Max was in his preschool nativity. It was so cute and boy does he love to dance.

– I went to another blogger event and started the Diet Chef diet.

– Chloe cut her first tooth.

– We will have a lovely Christmas with family and then a fab time with the rest of the family a few days after Christmas – we are really looking forward to it!

birthday2 mustela3

What is your highlight of the year? Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


Rebecca x

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