2017’s Kitchen Trends

For most of us, the kitchen is the heart of our home. It’s a place where we spend a lot of time cooking, chatting and eating, and it should be a space we enjoy. So many people settle for the kitchen that comes with their home, without ever trying to update it. Here are some of 2017’s most popular kitchen trends, and how you can use them to update your kitchen.

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Quartz Worktops

Quartz worktops used to be seen as a luxury surface, but this year, they have become much more popular. This is because there has been a growing development for composite work surfaces, and natural stone is now a viable option. Most homeowners opt for a laminate worktop as it is the cheapest option, but an upgrade to quartz doesn’t cost much more, and it looks high quality and stylish.

Industrial Design

Thanks to the Scandinavian influence in interior design, industrial is a big trend this year. The trend is inspired by factories and it focuses on wood, concrete and stone materials, combined with minimalist furniture and exposed features such as lights, pipe work and metals. You can incorporate the trend by going for metal accessories and exposed bulbs for your ceiling lights.

Handleless Units

Handleless kitchens are a simple yet modern look that is a growing trend for kitchens. They create space, as none of the cabinets have a handle to get in the way. Most handleless kitchens are glossy, and finished in darker tones such as earthy grey or natural wood. Handleless kitchens are easy to paint, making them an ideal choice if you regularly like to change the colour of your kitchen. This sort of style is very popular within German kitchens.


A monochrome colour scheme is such a classic look, and it really makes an impact in the kitchen. However, the trend has moved away from purely black and white to incorporating grey too. You can take the colour scheme to the maximum by keeping your units and cabinets monochrome, or just opt for monochrome accessories.

Painting Cabinets

If you have a traditional oak kitchen, one of the easiest ways to update it is by painting the cabinets, and this has become a big interior trend this year. Painted cabinets work well as they can fit in with various styles of kitchen, from traditional shaker styles to contemporary and handleless.

copper kitchen

Copper Accents

As homeowners opt for neutral kitchen colour schemes (see monochrome above!), lots of design-conscious people are looking for alternatives to the traditional chrome, stainless steel and black accents. One prominent trend is for copper – in accessories, on handles and for appliances.

Darker Floors

If you opt for lighter walls and cabinets, choose a dark floor stain. This works best on wooden floors, but dark tiles work too, if tiled floors are your preference.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is incredibly versatile, and it can work in the majority of nooks and crannies within the kitchen. You can put them inside cabinets and drawers, underneath your worktops and in coves. They work well within the kitchen as you can get several different colours, emit no heat and have an impressive lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Will you be incorporating any of 2017’s kitchen trends into your own kitchen?

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