2018 Interior Design Trends

Interior design is a passion for many. However, it requires more than good taste and a keen eye; the ability to incorporate industry trends is also essential. A trendy design contributes to the appeal and invitingness of your space. Trends also widen option horizons by assembling patterns and textures that may be new on the market or have gone forgotten over time. They facilitate evolution, which, as a pillar component of design, ensures for engaging results.

The following interior design trends range from tiles to furniture and other accessories, providing prospective designers with alluring options to revamp a space.

1.  Going Green

The use of plants as a means of livening up your space is particularly trendy in 2018. Not only do plants have the effect of improving the air quality in a space, they also add a splash of fresh colour in a tasteful but evident manner. Plants also create the illusion of being outside, opening up spaces such as stuffy rooms and barren corridors. Large hanging plants can serve as quirky, unique mantel pieces or even shelves. To play on the green they provide, consider adding an armchair or rug of a similar shade to your decoration.

2.  Using Inky Blues

Indigo paint is particularly trendy in 2018. While this shade is often overlooked in western decorative culture, it has always been popular in the oriental scene. The use of indigo paint will add colour and excitement to your space without being overbearing. Blue has been proven to improve onlooker’s sentiments of calm and serenity – its incorporation in your decoration using plants, textiles, cushions, paints and tiles isn’t just “in”, it’s sophisticated and elegant.

3.  Handmade & Wooden Tiles

 Tiles are as important as paint in defining the essence of a space. They control the mood of a room and dictate the type of furniture that can be installed. For this reason, they are particularly important components of interior decoration. In 2018 has, thus far, seen a large number of nature-themed tiles emerge on the market. Handmade tiles, which suggest artistic inclination with subtle refinement, create an atmosphere in rooms with little need for additional decoration. Each tile is a one of a kind, inventive piece.

Wood effect tiles, on the other hand, create the sentiment of rugged warmth, quaint snugness and a return to basics. Wooden tiles can be used both indoor and outdoor, and come in a variety of different tints. Wood is, as a material and a texture, adaptable to most decorative themes and styles and can be matched with all types of furniture.

4.  Elaborate Geometrics

As an extension of the 2017 geometric rug and cushion trend, the 2018 trend of mosaics and embellished walls is incredibly exciting. These cool patterns are often reminiscent of bohemian or tribal art, with bright colour schemes and hypnotic shapes. They go best in living rooms and bedrooms.

5.  Shading

In 2018, ombre is definitely the thing. While most have observed that grey has always been an interior design favourite because of its adaptability, dark hues of de-saturated shades have particularly made their mark in 2018. They are most popular in draperies, curtains, bedding, rugs and table clothes. To create the desired ombre effect, different shades of grey should be mixed and matched. The juxtaposition of grey, silver and black creates an impression of understated luxury, which is guaranteed to best embellish a space.

By Kathryn Morris, Interior Design Blogger

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