2020 Interior Trends

If you followed any interior Instagram accounts during 2019, then you will know how certain trends really took the year by storm. Some of these include using greys and blush pinks in living rooms, as well as bringing in farmhouse chic to bedrooms.

Here are a few interior trends that I think are going to start making an appearance throughout 2020, if they haven’t made an appearance already. 

Velvet Beds

There was a huge crushed velvet phase a few years ago, and then it sort of went quiet again. However, I have started to notice that velvet king-size beds have started to appear more frequently – the larger size for that added bit of luxury and the velvet being the go-to material choice for many interior designers.

Apparently, over the last six months, there has been a 400% surge in searches for anything to do with velvet furniture, according to UK Magazine Living Etc.

Sustainable Materials

With more education and resources on recycling and sustainability than ever before, home owners and renters are starting to be a little more eco-consious in their home and are living more eco-friendly lifestyles. For example, Happy Beds now sell Panda, an organic range that uses 100% sustainablebamboo. These sorts of products are much easier for people to get their hands on now.


Mix-and-match patterns are becoming more and more popular on Pinterest. This is where the pillows and other accessories don’t necessarily match the wallpaper, or even eachother. For example, one could be a pillow of green butterflies, while the other being zebra print. 

Sofa Beds

It was a lot easier to buy a house twenty years ago than it is now, with house prices rising out of line with current wages and inflation. For this reason, more people are choosing to rent a room in a shared house as it is more affordable than renting alone. More people are purchasing sofa beds for this reason, as they can be used for both a sofa by day, and then a bed by night, without having two items to take up unnecessary space.

Classic Blue

Pantone have recently announced their colour of the year and this year, it is the comforting shade of Classic Blue. We should expect to see more people add this colour to their homes, whether it be buying a paint shade in this colour or just purchasing the odd accessory.

*this is a collaborative post.

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