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While it is nice to sometimes have home decor that harks back to a previous age, some folks prefer a much more modern feel to their home. In particular, a room that can benefit from this treatment is the lounge or living area. So if you are thinking of updating your living room, check out our easy how-to guide below.


Usually, the most important item in a living room setting is the couch. So if you’re looking for a modern and up to date feel then you need to leave behind the idea of a three-piece suite and consider a more modular option instead.

A modular sofa is one that tends to come in different pieces that can be arranged in a variety of ways to suit your lifestyle. You can even change them, in the moment, depending on the situation, if you chose one that is easy to alter.

The modern sofa also tends to keep to a certain style which is more square and utilitarian than a traditional three piece set. However, that doesn’t mean that they are any less comfortable. In fact, you can still accessorise them with blankets, throws, and cushions, and you can go for an oversized version to give you a super cosy feel.



Now modern living isn’t just about the way that it looks. But also the functionality that it has too. That means that it’s likely you will want to include some of the latest technological advances in your design.

Things like smart lighting and home hubs should be considered. Then you will be able to control the light and heat in the room, with a simple voice command rather than manually.

You can even choose particular lighting scenes for certain activities such as TV watching or reading.  Combine smart bulbs with sleek modern fittings to get the best result here.


Of course, most living rooms are home to that most precious of times the TV. Which is now not only just for viewing, but is also the point of access for online media subscriptions like games, films, and music.

But you need to consider how best to house your TV and media centres in a more modern living room. You can use e something like this modern living room wall units from Sena Home Furniture. Which is good for balancing out the scale of the larger TV common in UK living rooms now.

However, other people prefer to move the focal point away from their television in their living room. So choose instead to store their TV in a cupboard with doors on the front. Only revealing it when they are watching.


Flooring is often a matter of personal choice in any room. You can have that ultra modern look with carpet if it is chosen carefully. However far and away, the most popular choice for a modern living room is hardwood floor.

Not only are they very robust, but they are easy to keep clean, and can be made warmer by using luxurious rugs in choice areas, without losing that modern edge.

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