So, Your Kid Wants To Be A Rockstar?

If you have young children like I do, you will know that they can be a little excitable about things. Your kids only have to see an advert with a doctor on it, and they will rush to tell you that they want to be a doctor when they grow up. Yes, kids go through many phases of wanting to be different things as they grow. But hey, remember when we were kids we probably did the same thing. Sometimes, though, your kids will be quite serious about their dreams, and so you need to help them pursue them. If your kid keeps telling you that they will be the next Mick Jagger, here is what you need to do.


Listen to Them!

We all know that children have wild imaginations. If this idea is just a passing phase, you will know about it in a week or so when they drop the subject. If your child seriously wants to be a musician, though, they will let you know about it. As a mum, the best thing you can do is listen to them. Many parents would ignore this idea and think that it is stupid. Don’t neglect your children’s creative side – see what you can do to nurture it!

Get Some Music Lessons

If your child wants to be a musician, they need to decide what instrument they should learn. You need to think about what lessons you can afford for your child. If you can find some reasonable drum lessons in London you might want to suggest that they become a drummer, for example. Speak with your partner about what your budget can stretch to and see whether you can find a tutor that fits the bill.

Help Them To Practice

Unfortunately, your kids will not have one lesson and start playing beautiful music. In fact, it might be a while before they play any tunes or beats at all. If you are not a musical person, you might struggle to help your children when it comes to practicing. There is no point in paying loads of money for lessons if your child slacks off and never practices at home. Help your kid practice and assign particular times each week for the chore. That way, you will notice an improvement over a few weeks.

Expand Their Musical Horizons

If your child insists that they will be a rockstar in the future, you need to help them. The more music they listen to, the more they will know about different genres. If they have only ever listened to One Direction, they will only know about one genre of music. You should introduce them to a world of new tunes so that they have something to base their style on when they play. That means that you should play everything from gospel to rock-pop so that your child starts to love all the various genres.

Talk To Their School Teachers

There are loads of school productions each year, and so there might be a chance for your child to show off their new found talent. If you are sick of teachers casting your kid as minor characters, why not suggest that they use their skill in the next production? If you have a quick chat with your kid’s teacher, you never know what could happen.

When your child comes to you with a new idea, don’t just dismiss it. Someone has to be a rock star, so why shouldn’t it be your kid? Learning music is a fantastic way to engage and entertain them, and so there is no harm in trying!

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  • I’m all for kids learning an instrument – or at least giving music a try. Our kids all love music, so when Isaac (seven) started showing an interest in playing the piano we leapt at the idea. He had his first lesson this week and he seems really enthusiastic. We shall see!

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