3 Employee Perks That’ll Boost Efficiency

Nowadays, Millennials are after a job that’s more than clocking in and clocking out. In fact, Millennials, unlike their predecessors the Baby Boomers, are after a career that’s more about fulfilment than earning as much money as possible. Although the medium of the two is ideal (who doesn’t want both money and a job that’s satisfying?), companies cannot overlook the fact that when enticing potential employees, they need to market themselves through employee benefits. Plus, providing adequate employee perks means happier employees all around, which, in turn, means higher efficiencies and a boosted productivity. So, what are the best employee perks your company can provide?


Rather than work rigid hours, employers are entrusting their employees with the ability to come and go whenever they please (within reason, of course), and work their allotted hours in a freer workplace. Instead of a 9 to 5 atmosphere, an employee can work 8 to 4 or 7 to 3 if that best suits them. By providing such flexible working hours, you’re opening the doors to employees who may need to work around the school run or other commitments; you’re also loosening the reins and allowing employees to work at times best suited to their capabilities. For instance, early risers might work more efficiently in the morning, while others might work better further into the afternoon. While the amount of flexibility is up to the employer, a certain amount of flexibility, even if it’s an hour here or there, can improve your company’s culture.

Bonus: Offering your employees the option to work at home can also help drive efficiencies. However, like with flexitime, deciding when someone can work from home or how many work from home days they have is entirely up to you.

Complimentary Food and Drink

Who doesn’t need their cup of coffee or tea in the morning? For many office workers, that first cup of caffeine can lift both spirits and the fog surrounding a person’s mind. However, while providing instant coffee and a box of tea bags may be okay for some, you might wish to go the extra mile and give your employees something truly fantastic. Plus, with the coffee culture taking the world by storm, many people are no longer sated by the granules of instant caffeine. As an employer, look into coffee machine hire and give your employees the full barista experience. Also provide loose leaf tea and all the extras, such as milk and even hot chocolate.

Offering food doesn’t mean a three-course meal. While you don’t want to over-indulge your employees with sugar-laden food that’s known for harming productivity, fresh fruit and yoghurt, or granola and cereal in the morning could be enough to wake up your employees each and every morning. To keep the complimentary food and drink cost-effective, you could have a reasonable weekly budget and let it be known to your employees that when that weekly budget is finished, they have to wait for the following week. Not only will this keep costs in check, but it will also teach your employees to savour the benefits.

Learning Opportunities 

As previously mentioned, Millennials are after something of value when it comes to their careers. Companies should, therefore, offer their employees the chance to continuously learn on the job through on-site meetings, tutorial or even sending them to training days or talks hosted by industry leaders. By allowing and encouraging your workforce to learn new skills, you’re bettering both their personal knowledge and achievements while also strengthening your company – it’s a win-win!

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