3 Ideas to Make Your Family Occasion Special

Birthdays, graduation, baptism, christening, and even baby showers. These are important family occasions that bring people together. However, unlike weddings and funerals, most people won’t remember what happened on those occasions unless they were off the beat fun.

One of the ways you can make a simple occasion stand out is to do something memorable. Yes, you can still have cake and the regular rituals you have every time but come up with something out of the ordinary. Something people can capture, and it will last in their memories forever.

For example, on her 37th birthday, Kourtney Kardashian took her sisters and friends to Iceland to see the white hills and northern lights. Now that is a birthday you will never forget. If you don’t have the Kardashian budget, though, these three tips will help you turn an otherwise ordinary occasion into something special.

1.     Make matching apparel

Nothing says solidarity like matching t-shirts. When people are throwing a baby or bridal shower for one of their own, the girls usually wear matching t-shirts with the name of the bride or mom to be. However, it doesn’t have to be limited to showers only.

For a family occasion, order matching shirts from Rush Order Tees and have them customized to fit the occasion. Matching t-shirts make for a fantastic photoshoot and show that you have prepared for the event and you cane to represent. Besides choosing a personal design for your family, you are assured of quality garments and great pricing. 

2.     Go out

Do you always celebrate your birthdays and thanksgiving at home? It’s time for a change. Instead of making a feast and inviting people over, this year, you might want to book a table for 20 in a top restaurant.

Better yet, plan for a hike, picnic, or a family match in a field somewhere or the bowling alley. You can also go to homeless shelters or an orphanage to celebrate with the less fortunate. The idea is to go outside of the home and make memories together.

3.     Have a photoshoot

Special memories should be captured, and most people do it with digital phones. However, if you want to make an occasion, such as mother’s day that much special, hire a professional photographer to do the photoshoot and take videos. After that, he can make a collage of all the photos he took or display them in a line up for you to pick.

Better yet, why not have a time capsule? Every family member can take a picture or choose something they cherish on that day, and you lock them up in a box. Years from now, you can open the box and go through all those memories together.

Are you tired of the same old-fashioned way of celebrating family occasions? You have the option to spice them up a bit and think outside the box. Get other people to come up with ideas also and have fun creating occasions that even your kids will remember.

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