3 Incredible Benefits Just Eat Delivery Drivers Receive from ShiftCatcher

The life of a Just Eat delivery driver is no easy feat, facing a myriad of challenges. Getting only one or a few shifts in a day, or even experiencing no shifts at all, is a common frustration among many Just Eat drivers. Below are some shares from a few Just Eat drivers on Reddit:

“Only got one shift for the whole week”

“This is the second week in a row where I’ve put availability for 5 days of the week and only ended up with 1 x 3 hour shift for the week!”

“I just sat from half 5 to half 6 without a single order, I was at least getting about 3 an hour earlier this afternoon.”

Picture relying on food delivery as your main source of income, only to endure entire days, or even weeks, without landing a single shift. It’s undoubtedly no walk in the park for hard working Just Eat delivery drivers.

But behold, there’s a game-changing solution on the horizon – ShiftCatcher. This blog post aims to unveil the three incredible benefits that Just Eat delivery drivers receive from embracing the power of ShiftCatcher.

These are the ones Just Eat Couriers can receive from ShiftCatcher.

Embrace an Abundance of Shifts

Embrace the game-changing power of ShiftCatcher, and say goodbye to the tedious task of constant monitoring and refreshing for available shifts. ShiftCatcher boasts an advanced auto-catch technology that works tirelessly to detect and capture those elusive shifts for you. With this revolutionary tool in your arsenal, you can expect a significant boost in your daily workload, securing at least 1-3 extra Just Eat shifts per day

No more waiting around or missing out on opportunities – ShiftCatcher has got your back, ensuring you make the most out of every available shift. 

Elevate Your Income

With ShiftCatcher by your side, prepare to witness a remarkable surge in your income. By seizing those extra shifts, you’ll witness your earnings soar to new heights. ShiftCatcher acts as your unwavering personal assistant, working tirelessly to secure additional opportunities for you to thrive and prosper in your Just Eat delivery driver job.

Banish the Stress

Gone are the days of endless fretting over elusive shifts and missed opportunities. With ShiftCatcher, you can bid farewell to such worries. No more constant monitoring or refreshing required – ShiftCatcher’s auto-catch technology efficiently detects and captures available shifts, ensuring you never miss a chance to earn. 

So, relax and channel your energy into what truly matters – delivering with utmost ease and tranquillity, knowing that your shift needs are well taken care of. 


In conclusion, ShiftCatcher emerges as the knight in shining armour for beleaguered Just Eat food delivery drivers amidst the daily grind of seeking shifts. Ready to capture an abundance of Just Eat shifts and elevate your daily and monthly income? 

Waste no time – embark on your transformative journey with ShiftCatcher today and unlock a world of boundless opportunities!

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