3 Mistakes Standing Between You And Your Dream Makeover

January is approaching, which means you can retrieve that “New Year, New You” t-shirt from the back of your closet once again, pull it over your head come the first of the month and take on all those dreamy makeover projects that you have been threatening to do for way too long now, most notably a few home renovating projects.

First things first, your timing is impeccable. Despite many people using the cold weather as a deterrent, January is a great time to get stuck into a bit of remodelling. The ground is great for getting foundations done, most rainy seasons won’t have started yet and you’ll be living in your bigger space by the time sun starts to shine on a regular basis.

However, before you pull on your hard hat and start swinging a sledgehammer around your outdated living room and get the window fitters in, you need to accept there is more to this long process than you have given due care to.

So, without wanting to hold you up any longer, here are the most common mistakes almost everyone makes when they’re (almost too) eager to start a big renovation:

  1. Your Budget is 20% Too Light

This is the biggest faux-pas people who suffer from eagerness make. They do all the hard work in the planning and the budgeting and they even speak to industry professionals like www.jubilee2000uk.org/remortgage-for-property-development-options about remortgaging for developments, but they forget to add overages. It’s like they don’t think it is possible to go over their budget, which insane because almost everyone goes 15-20% over what they want to spend. So, make sure you account for this when you are doing the planning part. Having a little wiggle room to accommodate the unexpected is more than just a little nice.

  1. Contractors Can’t be Chosen Blindfolded

You’re in a rush, we get it. January the first is here and you want to start like you mean to go on and that means picking the first available contractor who says, “sure, I can start tomorrow.” There is a reason they can start tomorrow. Just remember that. So, instead of rushing into a project with Cowboy Bob, do whatwww.thisoldhouse.com/ideas/top-8-pro-tips-how-to-hire-contractor says and do your research, get some referrals, and start a little bit of a bidding war so that you can make your budget stretch that little bit further. Oh, and if you can contain yourself for another day or two, ask them for their portfolio and then visit the owners yourself.

  1. Focus On What You Focus On

Hmmmm, riddle us that. No, in all seriousness, what we mean is you should invest in the rooms that you use most in your home. Sure, an office would be grand and a bigger bedroom would be great and a home cinema with a convertible roof would be soooo MTV Cribs, but it is also not a priority. Your kitchen, your living room and your bathroom – these highly enjoyed areas – are your priorities, and that is how they should be treated. Figure out how you can upgrade them, how you can add to their function and how they will add to the resale value and then, if you have time and money to spare, consider the more luxury domains.

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