3 Natural Wonders to Visit in the UK

Even though we have a habit of going abroad for our holidays and always talking about how bad the weather is, the truth is, we live in an incredible country. The UK is stunning and filled with natural beauty, it’s just that we usually get stuck inside the big grey cities instead of going out and exploring it!

To try and help convince you to go out and discover our incredible country, it seemed like a good idea to put together this shortlist of three natural wonders that you must visit. Whether you’re just planning a weekend away with the family or you live nearby one of these locations and want to make it a day trip, you won’t be disappointed!

The Giant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway is easily one of the most recognisable natural wonders in the world, let alone in the UK! Situated on the Northern Irish coast, The Giant’s Causeway is made up of over 40,000 hexagonal basalt pillars that were created during a volcanic eruption nearly 60 million years ago. The science behind the natural beauty is impressive enough, but it’s the history and the Giants Causeway story that really makes it a must-see.

There are countless talks and Giant Causeway tour from Belfast, that work through the history of the region including the legendary story of Finn McCool and Benandonner, two rival giants who were separated by the sea and supposedly built the Causeway as a means to battle each other. If you want to see nature at its most impressive or love ancient stories and myths, The Giant’s Causeway simply can’t be missed.

Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis is a little bit more of a challenging visit, so you’ll want to make sure that you organise in advance and avoid bringing any little ones if you want to make it a serious trip. Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the British Isles, currently standing at 1345 metres above sea level. Located in the Scottish Highlands, it’s a favourite for the climbers of the country and also features the ruins of an old observatory that closed in 1904.

Whilst Ben Nevis isn’t outrightly dangerous for those who are unprepared, it’s still quite an arduous climb if you’re planning on doing it, so it’s really important to plan your journey there. Similarly, the time of year will make a big difference on how easy and enjoyable your journey is – nobody wants to climb a mountain in the freezing cold! You can discover more about Ben Nevis here.

Bempton Cliffs

The Bempton Cliffs are a set of sea cliffs on the Yorkshire coast which are usually outshone by the White Cliffs of Dover. The thing is, whilst the White Cliffs of Dover are incredibly well known and undoubtedly beautiful – Bempton Cliffs offer some different highlights.

Primarily, Belton Cliffs are home to a huge variety of rare birds and since its classification as a reserve, the preservation of the area has been taken on by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). The Cliffs boast plenty of facilities, guided tours and binocular hire facilities for the amateur bird watcher who would like to see some of the animals amongst the natural beauty of the location. Considering how easy it is to access by road or by public transport, it would be silly not to get a taste of this beautiful area of the British Isles.

These three are just the tip of the iceberg! Our country is brimming with great travel opportunities, impressive sights and incredible history; it’s just about taking the time and doing the research to find something that interests you. If you think of any other locations then be sure to let us know!

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