3 Reasons You Will Love Having a Concrete Pool on Your Property

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing dip in your own backyard pool to slake the summer heat. The luxury of having your own backyard pool is something most of us have aspired to at one point in our lives. Perhaps you now have the means to achieve those dreams but aren’t certain which type of pool you should invest in: above ground or in-ground.

While an above ground pool might save you some bucks and do the trick for holding water, it’s probably not what you imagined when you daydreamed about your dream house. Not only are above ground pools a lot more work if you live in a temperate climate, they also are a bit of an eyesore. In fact, an above ground pool may actually detract from your home’s value, as opposed to add to it!

Instead, we recommend the beauty and indulgence of an in-ground concrete pool.

Here are three reasons why:

1. You can be more creative with the design

Concrete is the way to go if you’re looking to get really creative with the design of your pool. Unlike molded above ground pools, concrete pools can be formed to whatever your heart desires. Concrete is an incredibly versatile material that be dyed and shaped to whatever you would like. Depth, length, width and shape are all variables you can play with.

When working with your pool builders, consider your budget and look for ideas online within that budget. There are many companies like this one that offer ideas for concrete pools that may fit your ideas.

2. It will last longer

An in-ground swimming pool is a considerable investment that you will want to see last the test of time. Luckily, concrete is an incredibly durable material that has been tested in several settings and shown to survive well for several decades, especially in warmer climates.

There is of course still some maintenance you should do to help your pool last longer. Concrete contains microscopic pores that can trap bacteria, which means that your pool will require heavier filtration to keep the pH levels in check.

3. They blend more seamlessly with the landscape

We work hard on our home’s landscaping, so it’s no wonder that we wouldn’t want it destroyed by the insertion of a pool. Luckily, an in-ground concrete pool blends much more seamlessly with the landscaping than an above ground one.

It’s actually recommended that you landscape around your pool to minimize runoff and damage to surrounding trees. You can use privacy shrubs or tall, waving grasses to increase the feeling that you are floating in a natural pond. Or rock formations and trees to increase shade around the pool. Whatever your home’s overall style is will better guide how you should lay out the landscaping around your pool. Oftentimes, your pool builders will have ideas for landscapers they may have worked with in the past, or suggestions as to what may be the best shape for your pool so that your landscaping ideas blend more seamlessly around it.

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