3 Styles of Clocks for the Home

Our homes need clocks, they are essential if we want to be able to tell the time. Although most of us have smartphones or wristwatches that can tell us the time, it’s also convenient to have some sort of clock at home too. Having a clock at home allows you to tell the time with ease but you can also plan your day at home too. You know when it’s lunchtime, to a favourite TV show is on or when you need to go out. Now, although all clocks tell the same time, not every clock is the same and they can come in all different shapes and sizes. Depending on your preferences and how you like to style your home, there are so many clocks to choose from. Here are 3 styles of clocks you may be interested in. 

Cuckoo clock

Invented in the 1600s, cuckoo clocks were a staple in most homes. By cuckooing on the hour, every hour, anyone in the house knew exactly what time it was without even having to look at the clock. As the clock comes to the hour, a pendulum strikes, causing the bird to appear out of its nook and start cuckooing. With traditional cuckoo clocks, the cuckoo usually came from a bird of some sort, but that can vary depending on who has crafted the clock. With more recent designs, there may be a small wooden family inside the clock too, as well as other woodland animals. Known for their unique design and features, cuckoo clocks are often handmade to meet such expectations. This means the designs and even the cuckoo sounds will vary. Many cuckoo clocks are actually one of a kind. With traditional cuckoo clocks, you often have to wind the clock so that the pendulum knows when to strike. For some clocks, you need to wind every day and for other clocks you can wind every week. With the technology we have nowadays, some newer cuckoo clocks can be operated with batteries. 

Wall clock

A wall clock can come in any shape and size. These days, the clocks themselves are still often circular but can be mounted onto any shape. You could have a square clock, oval clock or even a hexagonal clock. Anything is possible. There are some wall clocks that don’t even have to be mounted and each individual number and hand is mounted onto the wall piece by piece so that there’s no real face or backing. Although it still tells the time, these kinds of clocks are often very large and act as a wall decal for interior design. Modern wall clocks are more stylish than the traditional wall clock, which is usually just made from wood and mechanical features. Nowadays, a clock can be made from any material. Wood is still popular but plastic, metals and even marble are also common materials used. These clocks also come in various sizes too, so depending on the wall it’s going to be hung on, there’s always a size to fit. 

Alarm clock

It’s relatively common for everyone these days to have a routine and an alarm clock can help stick to that routine. Commonly used to wake someone up, an alarm clock does exactly what it’s called. It alarms. By programming in certain times, the clock can create a racket and remind someone of something they need to do. Whether that be waking up, a reminder for an appointment or even a reminder for when to feed the dogs. These clocks are often digital, too, giving a different way of reading the time than an analogue clock. This is great for someone who may get confused by analogue clocks or children who haven’t quite learned how to tell the time yet. 

There are other types of clocks out there, such as the longcase clocks, including grandfather and grandmother clocks. They’re not as common today just because they can usually take up a lot of room, but nonetheless, if you’re looking to buy a clock and have the space, it could be a suitable option. 

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