3 Tips for Keeping your Skin Hydrated while Traveling

The vacation of your dreams is round the corner and you are buying and packing things like crazy. Besides all the outfits and the makeup looks that you are planning on recreating, you should also take a minute to think about your skin. 

Although traveling is a fun adventure that you shouldn’t miss for the world, it can drain you physically and it can dry your skin. I guess that you wouldn’t like to look all flaky and dull during your vacation. Of course not. This is why I have gathered the 3 most effective tips that will keep your skin hydrated and beautiful during your time away, exploring the world.

Drink a lot of water

I know that you have heard this tip a bazillion times, but it works. Both men and women are supposed to drink approximately 3 litres of water every day. Most of us don’t drink that much water, and this is why we suffer from dry skin. A way to make sure that you won’t dehydrate your skin during your vacation is to buy a backpack with a water bottle holder. If you have a bag with you, make sure that it can hold a big water bottle. This way you’ll always have a water bottle with you and consequently there will be no excuses for not drinking it.

Wear sunscreen

Dermatologists recommend wearing sunscreen every day. This advice applies even to days that you are inside an airport or an airplane all day. Actually, especially when you are flying, you must wear sunscreen because you are a lot closer to the sun and the plane is not strong enough to fully protect you from the negative influences of sunlight. Browse the fotopharmacy.com in order to find the body and face sunscreen that suits you. There are a lot of things that you should take into account before purchasing one; Is the sunscreen at least 30 SPF? Is it tinted, invisible or does it have a matte effect on the skin?

Be prepared

Even if you have the best hydration products and you have nailed down the face and body care routine that is good for you, there is always the possibility that your face will break out. This usually happens when you are stressed. The stress of all the traveling arrangements and procedures and the worry of the possibility of anything going completely wrong while you are in a foreign place can cause pimples to show up. If that happens, you should have your favourite products for such an emergency with you. In case you forget them, my favourite tip is to place an ice cube on the pimple for a few minutes and keep doing that throughout the day.

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