3 Tips for Relaxing in the Last Month of Pregnancy

The last month of being pregnant should be as relaxing as possible. Any expectant parents should be able to do whatever they need to to stay comfortable and feeling like themself. 

However, this is also the time when a new parent is going to feel the most stress and worry. Baby is going to be born soon and you have a careful birthing plan to follow, but you’re also aware of the fact that anything could happen. 

It’s the toughest thing to face! That’s why you should focus on stress busting techniques right now; if that’s something you’re struggling with, here are three tips that could help you. 

Don’t Stay in Bed the Whole Time

Relaxing is often pictured as spending time in bed 24/7 with a good book and plenty of snacks around you. However, you shouldn’t be in bed the whole time! If you want to get up and exercise, feel free to do so. 

After all, getting moving and making sure you’re stretching can help your body prepare for giving birth. A lot of people like to use medicine balls and get down on their hands and knees on a yoga mat, just to make sure they’re ready for any and all positions. 

The more comfortable you are know, the more comfortable you’ll be in a month’s time! 

Don’t Rush Any Decisions

The last month of pregnancy can feel like a whirlwind. You can feel like there’s a lot to decide in such a little amount of time. After all, you’ve only got about 30 days to go and that can send you down a stress spiral. 

But no matter what you’re feeling, don’t rush any decisions or try to change things last minute. Your pregancy and the subsequent birth should be planned your way, and if any external pressure is trying to get you to reconsider, shut them out. Relaxing is much easier without a flea in your ear! 

Take the question over breastfeeding. It’s up to you whether or not you decide to give baby formula or breastfeed for a few months. If anyone else is using language that makes you think your decision is wrong, or they’re only focused on what they feel you should be doing, cut out the noise. 

Get a Massage

Massages are perfect during pregnancy. Specific pregnanyc focused massages can help to relieve the burden of a heavy belly, help you to feel strong in your lower back again, and overall just give you that wonderful relaxing feeling that’s the goal of getting a proper massage. 

Book in for one of these with a professional masseuse sometime before your due date. Your partner might be able to give you one, but if you want to be sure you’re getting the job done properly, make sure there’s a qualification on the massage table!

If you’re approaching the last month of pregnancy, make sure you use the tips above to get relaxing. Take this time for yourself! 

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