3 Ways to Find Free Stuff Online

Saving money by finding free stuff online is always a great feeling, of course, for many figuring out what is legit, and which offers are simply a waste of time can be difficult. Knowing what to look for, and how to ensure that you find quality freebies online is key to lowering your budget by purchasing only those things you can’t get for free. There are three basic steps that can help you determine if the deals you find are legit, worth your time, and can be trusted. 

1) Is It Actually Free?

One of the tricks many websites use to reel you in, and take money you don’t want to spend, is by requiring that you complete an offer before hand. In many cases these ‘offers’ request your credit card or debit card information, and although you are allowed to ‘try the service for free’ if you don’t cancel it will automatically charge you once that period passes. If you don’t remember to cancel, or can’t figure out how, then you might end up paying many times over for the free product. 

To ensure that the free stuff you find is actually free, avoid offers that require your credit card information, or that you purchase something else first. After all, if you are spending money you wouldn’t otherwise, then it isn’t really free at all.  Getting stuff for free means not having to shell out a dime!

2) Is The Site Local?

Although this might not be something you think about, it’s often important to ensure that the site that will be sending you free stuff is based in your country. This will help you avoid scams that might simply be gathering personal info, like emails and addresses to sell to spammers and advertising agencies. Avoid sites that are based in China and Russia, or ones that were obviously written by non-native English speakers. 

Being cautious with whom you had your information too will help ensure that you get the free things you want, without risks to your security. Being cautious with your contact and personal info can also help you avoid junk mail and can reduce the number of spam emails in your accounts.

3) Are The Reviews Good?

Checking user reviews is always a great way to find information on whether a site that is promising give-away’s is legit or not. Asking previous users if they got their stuff, if it was as promised, and whether they were happy with the service can help you save time and avoid a bad situation. A quick Google search is usually all that is needed to find how the free stuff site stacked up compared to other sites. 

If you are like most folks, and love getting freebies, following these simple rules can help you get the freebies you love without risking your personal security or finances. By ensuring the website you use is legit, doesn’t require credit card information, and checking reviews you can ensure you get the stuff you want safely.

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