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Some parents are completely against letting their children use the internet and other pieces of technology. But others recognise computers as useful educational tools. Not only can your kids learn useful skills from the internet, but you can prepare them to use it safely when they’re older. However, not every parent knows where to start when they introduce their kids to a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Should you set them up with a game and tell them not to click anything else? Should you let them roam freely to find things they like? Or is it better to do something in between? If you don’t know how to get started, here are some fantastic kid-friendly Internet resources.


Cbeebies and CBBC

These BBC websites for children have lots of resources for both education and entertainment. Cbeebies is best for kids aged six and under, with lots of stories and games, plus their favourite programmes to watch too. As well as being excellent for learning and play, it’s a good site to have bookmarked for when there’s nothing else appropriate on TV. The CBBC site also has TV, educational resources, games, and discussions they can join in with. You might want to keep an eye on what they post and read on pages where they can leave comments.

Nickelodeon (

Nickelodeon is another kids’ television network that has lots of online activities. Children can play games, hear stories and enter competitions. There’s also a brilliant section called Code-It, where kids can learn basic coding skills. Using their coding tool, they can learn how to make mini-animations using their favourite characters. Before you know it, they’ll be winning the Oscar for best animation.



Online Drawing Tools

For kids who like to get creative, there are lots of online drawing tools they can use. Of course, they can draw and colour on paper too. But with an online tool, they have lots of special effects at their disposal. They can start off using a basic paint tool, and in a few years they could be making proper graphics with professional software. There are lots to choose from, but you can try the tool on or Tux Paint at It’s an excellent way for kids to learn how to control a mouse and get creative at the same time.

Games Websites

If your kids love playing games, don’t be scared that their brains will turn to mush. In fact, online games could help to stimulate their minds. They can learn lots of vital life skills from games, including time management, spatial awareness and even empathy. There are lots of sites with mini flash games on them, so your children will never run out of things to play. Try Playberry for a range of games from different genres, from racing to cooking.

Your kids can have fun and learn at the same time when they’re using the internet. Just remember to teach them how to be safe, and have them sit somewhere you can supervise them.

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