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Being a mum is an amazing experience, but it comes with many challenges. I know from experience that the biggest challenge of all as a mum to young children is getting through each day and managing to stay sane.

Don’t get me wrong here, I love my children more than words can say. However, life as a mummy isn’t always easy when your kids are young – I’m sure all mums of toddlers will agree with me on this.

However, what I found was that there were certain things – gadgets to be precise, that made being a mummy easier. So I thought that I would share them with you.


Here is my guide to the top four gadgets every mummy of toddlers needs:

  1. Blender

When it comes to getting fruit and vegetables into kids, every mum knows that it can be a real nightmare. There is just something about foods that are healthy that kids seem to hate, which can be very irritating for us mums.

Getting fruit and vegetables into children can turn into a massive argument. However, the key to getting your children to eat their greens and snack on fruit instead of junk food is investing in a blender.

From fruit smoothies to soups packed full of vitamins, a blender is ideal for ensuring that your kids get their five a day.


  1. Washer dryer

Every mum knows that children, especially toddlers get mucky incredibly easily. In the space of just a few minutes, toddlers can cover themselves in dirt, messing up yet another clean outfit. This is why for us mums, having a washer dryer is crucial.

While you might think that your washing machine is satisfactory, a washer dry will not only wash the clothes but dry them as well. Instead of having to wash your child’s clothes, and then hang them out or tumble dry them, a washer dryer will do everything for you.

I replaced my washing machine with a washer dryer and absolutely love it. If you want to do the same, I would suggest checking out This site will give you an idea of all the best washing machines and washer dryers on offer.

  1. Dustbuster

You might be wondering why, if you already have a vacuum cleaner, you also need a Dustbuster – hear me out. Young children are notorious for making a mess, biscuit crumbs there, ripped up paper here, children make a lot of mess.

Instead of having to lug the vacuum cleaner out each time your child leaves crumbs anywhere, using a Dustbuster is much easier. I honestly wouldn’t be without my Dustbuster, it makes cleaning up small messes, so much easier.

  1. IPad

All mums know that children can be difficult to entertain, especially while on long journeys. Although crayons and colouring books are good entertainers, they don’t keep them occupied for long enough. That’s why I think that having an IPad is a mummy essential.

As well as keeping the kids occupied, they are also great learning tools for little ones. Did you know that as well as lots of child-friendly gaming apps, there are also lots of educational apps, too?

As a mum, life isn’t always easy, but these four gadgets can make life as a mum a little less stressful. What do you think helps?

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Rebecca x

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