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Home decor and home improvements are two of my favourite passions. I love being able to make my house even more homely. I think it’s really important to put your own stamp on things. But when it comes to doing up homes for a profit, you need to start thinking about the next people who will be living there as well as your budget.

If you have bought a property you intend to improve so you can sell it on for a profit, you might not be thinking about going all out for your renovation. Luxury fittings may not be in your budget if you need to earn more than you are spending. But when you’re fitting out your own home, you can afford to spoil yourself a little more. You’re not likely to worry as much about earning that spend back because you’re not selling up just yet.


However, there are some home improvements you can do that could substantially increase the value of your home. One of them is the kitchen, and the other is the bathroom. I love relaxing in the bathroom. It’s one of my favourite ways to unwind. So when I heard that a high-quality bathroom could increase the value of a home, I started thinking about what I would look for in a good bathroom.

A luxury bathroom for me would be one with plenty of space. I like to get dressed and undressed in here rather than wandering the halls naked! I would love an area to place my clothes too. Some hanging space and a couple of shelves would be lovely. A heated towel rail is a must, especially in this weather! And some fitted units for all my gorgeous products would be ideal too.

For an en-suite, I think it’s important to have small bathroom vanities that make a statement. After all, you stare into them for several minutes twice a day just brushing your teeth. The taps or faucets are quite important too. I like the contemporary designed ones that let the water pour out. They seem a bit more hygienic too! These little touches of luxury and style can make a huge difference to the quality of the bathroom.


For the bathtub, it has to be freestanding. I would love a luxury jacuzzi bath tub. All those bubbles are so therapeutic. They soften and cleanse the skin as well as helping you to unwind. You can have shower cubicles with lots of jets spraying you all over too. I like the idea of built-in lights and music systems so you can really set the mood.

A luxury bathroom for me is somewhere I can hide away for an hour and really relax and rejuvenate. Having that little sanctuary after a tough day is hugely beneficial. And if it helps to add some real value to the house then I’m definitely all for it! All I need now is a healthy budget and a good plumber! What would go into your luxury bathroom?


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  • Awesome tips! Just to add, another thing that you can do to have that high-end look in your home is to use stunning tiles. This will definitely drastically change the overall look and feel of your house. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this, very informative and helpful for any visitors who want to get the information about the Home improvements
    ! 🙂