4 Amusement Parks Near Orlando

Orlando is world-renowned as a vacation town where you can cut loose and enjoy yourself.  From ocean views to the endless warm weather, it’s no wonder that so many parks were built here!  The amusement parks and unparalleled, with something for everyone in your family!  Here are four parks near Orlando that are guaranteed to make your vacation all the better!

Sea World

With a heavy focus on marine life, this theme park is world-famous for its beautiful killer whales.  The park is so much more than that, though!  Offering rides, from roller coasters, to water rides, there’s more than just the large animals.

The killer whales steal the show, though!  Performing incredible tricks, interacting with their highly skilled trainers, and proving that humans can connect with wildlife, there’s endless entertainment packed into Seaworld.

If orcas aren’t your thing or you worry about getting splashed, there are also a couple of sea lions who put on a fun show without knocking around as much water.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure

There’s a reason this theme park’s motto is “Vacation like you mean it!” it’s packed to the gills with incredible attractions to entertain anyone.  From monsters to magic, to roller coasters that go so fast you won’t believe it- you could spend a whole vacation trying new things and never run out of anything to do! 

Rides ranging from roller coasters to classic carnival rides will keep you thrilled and busy the whole time you’re in the park.  There are lands for everything from Harry Potter to Marvel superheroes, and with how limited time can be on vacation, you’ll be looking for Orlando houses for sale in no time!

Discovery Cove

Harboring both a family amusement park and a resort, you won’t want to leave Discovery Cove once you get there!  With a range of sea life, from starfish to bottlenose dolphins, this park aims to spark the imagination while introducing you to Orlando’s wild side.  You can enjoy a beautiful beach, while also watching and interacting with wildlife.  Some of the most popular animal attractions are the otters, whose antics will entertain and make you laugh.  There’s a significant focus on conservation and education, so if you want to learn more about these incredible animals, employees would love to talk!

Orlando Starflyer

This amusement park in Orange County offers a lot that many might not expect.  Famous for hosting the tallest swing ride in the world at 450 feet tall, there’s a lot here that will leave you breathless.  Reaching a speed of sixty miles per hour, you won’t believe the ride is only $12 for how much excitement it packs in.  

The rest of the park is also fantastic, hosting Orlando’s Madame Tussauds museum, along with multiple other rides that are built to thrill and excite!

Whether you’re looking to splash in the water with incredible marine life or you’re dying to get on a thrilling roller coaster- the Orlando area has more to offer than you could fit into one vacation!  I wouldn’t blame you if you kept coming back for more.

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