4 Common Mistakes Destroying Your Interior Design

If you have received the keys to your new home or have decided to redecorate, you will likely want to improve your property’s flow, maximize its space and showcase your personality. Yet, striking the perfect balance of the above isn’t an easy task, especially if you don’t have a background in interior design.

Ironing out simple errors can take your décor to the next level, which will ensure you feel proud of your property and impress every guest who comes to visit. Read on to learn about the four common mistakes that can destroy your interior design.

1. Struggling with Scale

Scale is crucial in interior design. If your furniture is too big or too small, it can damage a room’s atmosphere, aesthetic appeal and function. Improve flow by ensuring the furniture items you choose perfectly match a room’s size and shape.

While a sofa may look great in a vast store, it might make it difficult to navigate your living room, or its small size could appear odd in a large space. Follow the rule of thumb that a sofa should take up two-thirds the size of a room.

2. Choosing the Wrong Plants or Incorrect Care

Many homeowners incorporate indoor plants into their interior to add a pop of colour, texture and nature to the space. However, some people struggle to care for them, which will lead to plants dying unnecessarily and an unattractive interior.

The indoor plants you choose should match your lifestyle and level of commitment. If you don’t have time to water your plants each day, incorporate lower maintenance options into your home, such as a paddle plant, lady palm or pothos. To successfully care for your greenery throughout the year, check out these informative plant care videos to ensure they remain in tip-top health.

3. Positioning Furniture Against a Wall

Many homeowners are guilty of placing their furniture against a wall, but this can impact a room’s flow. Always leave a gap between a wall and furniture to make a room appear spacious and airy.

Avoid pushing bulky furniture pieces into corners of the room, which will detract from an interior design. For example, don’t tuck a bed into a far corner, as you should place it in the centre of a wall. Also, move an accent chair from a corner and position it in front of a room’s focal point, such as a fireplace or large window.

4. All-White Walls

All-white walls might be fine for Kim Kardashian, but they might not be the best choice for your home. While white can make a room light and airy, too many white walls can result in a clinical, stark interior that will make a space feel uninviting.

If you have your heart set on white, try to add hints of colour or contrast via artwork, pendants and area rugs to warm up the space. A few colourful accents could add energy and warmth to the space, which will make your home feel more welcoming and stylish.

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