4 Essential Life & Health Adjustments To Make When Pregnant

Pregnancy is a health condition all by itself – in that, nothing will adjust your body quite like it. It’s also essential to realize that you’re not just caring for yourself when pregnant, you’re caring for two. Sure, you don’t have to feel overly restrictive in that you can never enjoy comfort food, but it’s important to be very careful about what you put in your body over those nine months, and raise any possible issues with your midwife and doctor if you experience them.

It’s also true that certain lifestyle adjustments are not only essential, they’re absolutely necessary to make sure your little one has the best shot at life. Remember, it’s just nine months for you, but your child will benefit from your care and forethought for their entire lifetime.

In this post, we’ll discuss four essential lifestyle adjustments to make when pregnant:

Cut Out Smoking & Alcohol Entirely

This is one of the limited number of hardline suggestions we could make. There is absolutely zero excuse for smoking or drinking while pregnant because both can affect the development of your little one and cause conditions like fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) which can last for life. Luckily, you don’t have to do this alone. 

Stop smoking programs and helpful medications can allow you to overcome the urges and severely reduce and quit your intake. The same goes for alcohol. If you have withdrawals, then it’s important to speak to medical providers to help you completely revoke your intake without causing undue harm.

Adopt A Healthy Diet & Hydration Routine

To the extent you can, it’s healthy to plan out your diet so you get the most of the nutritious values you need to help your child grow well. For example, folic acid is known to be a helpful nutrient for the better development of your child, but vitamin D, omega-3 fish oil, and more can contribute well.

Do you have to eat like a pro-bodybuilder, weighing everything to the exact gram? Well, no, but it’s good to make sure your overall health efforts are worthwhile and provide the most amount of value. Furthermore, this will help balance out your cravings, which you’ll be sure to fall into sooner or later. 

This way, you can overcome the need to eat heaps of vegemite on crackers, or anchovies on pizzas, or whatever other strange new taste you develop. Don’t worry, this is entirely normal, just make sure whatever food you have is suitable for expectant mothers.

Get Sufficient Rest and Sleep

Sleep is something that will come in short supply after you have your newborn, but of course, being pregnant isn’t always the most comfortable physical condition, so it’s important to prepare for that in advance also.

Getting sufficient rest and sleep is a key element of making sure your body can nourish your child and also recover from that taxing work each day. We’d recommend setting a common sleeping pattern going to bed and waking up at the same times if you can. Seven to nine hours is the common recommendation for most adults, but as you’ll be sleeping for two, sometimes pregnant women can benefit from naps or lie-ins depending on their needs.

Also, make sure to invest in maternity pillows and supportive bedding or mattresses, as this can help you sleep at a much more supported and comforting angle over time. You deserve all the comfort you can get.

Minimize Stress and Practice Relaxation Techniques

Pregnancy is stressful. The changing nature of your body, the growth of your belly, the mood swings and physical symptoms, all of it is worthwhile for you to meet your lovely bundle of joy. But of course, this process is still difficult and significant to deal with.

Minimizing stress and practicing relaxation techniques, then, can be helpful. Meditation each morning, or evening, relaxing with a book when you can, enjoying calming herbal tea, relaxing in your garden, or even heading to yoga sessions designed around expectant mothers and their physical needs can be very helpful.

Also, having a friend who understands and you can vent to will be worth a million bucks, also. This way, you can worth through the challenges with that sense of rejuvenation you deserve..

With this advice, you’re certain to make the best life and health adjustments going forward, enabling you to enjoy a better, more nourishing, and happier pregnancy process. You’ll learn so much from this process that over time, you’ll know exactly what to expect if “child two” ever comes along.

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