4 Ideas for Date Nights at Home

When the husband and I didn’t have children, we had date nights a lot. We would eat out quite a lot on evenings or at the weekend. We had a cinema card and sad or not, went to the cinema every Friday night. Fast forward a few years and we have two children, family that are not particularly close by and date nights that don’t happen all that often. It can be tricky getting a babysitter and I hate having to ask people in the first place. So we try to do as many as we can at home. That way we still get to enjoy time together but don’t have to spend a lot on an evening out. Here are a few suggestions for date nights that you can do at home that won’t cost a lot.


We don’t always get on too well in the kitchen together; we have a hard time deciding who is head chef and who is the sous chef! But baking is something that we like to do together. It can be fun to try out new recipes, as we are both little foodies. One of us chooses the recipe and then goes to get the ingredients, and we swap this around each time. Then we get baking. Plus, after you have done all of the baking you get to enjoy something that is hopefully, yummy to eat.


Movie Night

Forget Netflix and chill, there are actually films or documentaries that we want to watch all of!  Haha. We like movies so do this quite often. We are documentary geeks too and have recently enjoyed ‘Making a Murderer’. If you don’t have Netflix, or wanted a different option, you could get something like Sky Box Office. What is Sky Box Office? If you have not used or heard of it before, it is a way to watch movies at home. You can browse through all different movie titles, new and old. There is such a huge selection. It is great to have for the kids too as there are a lot of children’s and Disney movies on there.

Wii Games

This will depend on the two of you, as for some it can be a nightmare. I am rubbish at most games and will leave the husband to play Call of Duty with his brothers. On our wii, though, I like to play Mario Kart and a sports party game. So highly skilled and mature I know. We are both quite competitive and have been known to play Mario Kart a little late into the night. It starts as best of three, then five, then nine. It can go on and on! We enjoy it anyway.

YouTube Night

I have just realised what a random collection of suggestions this is. But it is all things that we enjoy. We quite like to watch silly things on YouTube. We both have a similar sense of humour, though mine is a little more juvenile. One of our favourite things has to be lip sync battles. If you haven’t seen the one of Tom Cruise lip syncing to ‘Can’t Feel My Face’, then you are missing out!

What do you like to do for date nights at home?


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