4 Interior Lessons from Iconic Films and Series

Don’t be afraid of colour

It seems over the years only die-hard fans of Friends have noticed the lilac walls of Monica’s apartment. Not surprisingly so as viewers tend to focus on Chandler’s sarcasm, Joey’s antics, Ross’ dinosaur love, whatever spirit Phoebe has contacted, Monica’s cooking and Rachel’s back-and-forth with whoever she’s dating.

The iconic apartment is remembered by many but the most important lesson here – painting your apartment purple might seem like a crazy decision, but there is no need to be afraid of colour with the right interiors it can work beautifully. And it doesn’t have to stop at just wall colours. Remember her teal kitchen pantry, the red throw pillow and the emerald velvet footstool from The One with the Butt?

A pop of ‘frosting’ to your home

If you’re a lover of Art Deco interiors or are looking to elevate your home, getting inspiration from the 2013 screen adaption of The Great Gatsby is the best way to go!

The crystal chandelier in the peach coloured sitting room adds oozing sense of wealth; after all, it was the roaring 20s. While for some of us opting for a full set of peach coloured chesterfields, a crystal chandelier and silk curtains are a bit much there is an interiors lesson learned here – adding luxury accessories can turn otherwise understated interiors into a beautiful home.

Your family photos deserve a stylish wall

When I think of a wall gallery, my first thought is of a family home with mismatched frames, smiling children in the photos displayed in the wall by the stairs. While a home should feel like home, a wall gallery can both display sentimental memories and also add a level of sophistication and interior goals to a home.

Think Devil Wears Prada the stunning wall gallery at Miranda’s office – it’s sophisticated, adds character and flair of creativity. It perfectly complements the overall feel of the space without becoming the centre of attention while simultaneously it does not merely blend in the background either. It’s a statement, but not one loudly shouted in your face but instead a friendly and breezy whisper to a new guest: “Hey, here’s a cool wall, you should check it out when I go make us a cuppa, and you need something to occupy you for those 10 minutes.”

Stick to the purpose of your space

Whenever I think of a bespoke interiors bathroom, I instantly think of Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette sat in a beautiful freestanding bath surrounded by vast space and gold accents.

There are two things to learn from this (1) simplify your spaces, decide what the purpose of the space will be, and only add elements to the room that will help you serve that purpose; (2) metals are in – think gold taps, metallic wall accents and shelves.

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  • You have an amazing list Rebecca. A stylish wall plus a great flooring adds a unique ambiance and if you know how to choose a right crystal chandelier and silk curtains are a great plus. I love Friends, by the way.