4 months…

I always told myself that I wouldn’t be one of those mothers that just talks about their kids and post loads of pictures of their baby… but I just can’t help myself..!

Here is our little guy at 4 months…

Finally enjoys sitting in his bumbo

Holds his head up really well and now rolls over (scuse the big blob of slobber)!

He is always grabbing and trying to chew everything, like his monkey that he loves (thank you Kim)

Loves it when Daddy comes home and they can chill together

We are loving being parents!

In other news, I am also loving Pinterest – so much fun and sooooo many inspiring things to do and make, love it. Make sure you follow me if you’re on it.

We also just enjoyed a long Easter weekend with family and friends. Uncle Sam turned 8 so we went over for his baptism on Sunday, what a special day to be baptised. Then Monday we saw my bestie Hailey and her new man for some yummy Mexican food. It was nice to have the hubs be home for 4 days in a row (got to love Bank Holidays).

{The Easter Bunny came! Can you tell which one I received and which one Mike received?!?}

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