4 Tips for Creating an Eco-friendly Household

Like many consumers, homeowners are looking into ways to transform their homes so they can be far more sustainable. Nowadays, everyone is understanding the risks that climate change can have on the world. More and more people are having a better understanding of their environmental impact and how they can make changes to help the world.

 If you’re looking into being more eco-conscious and you’re wanting to create a more sustainable home for yourself and your family, then it’s best to know that it can be done! Being eco-friendly and having a sustainable home doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, it can even help you save a lot of money! Anything from eco handwash to getting solar panels can make a difference! These are wonderful tips that can get you started on saving the environment through changes within your home. 

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Look around for any cracks that need to be sealed

To ensure you have the best insulation for your home, it’s best to go ahead and look around for places in your home such as doorways, window seals, and even areas around vents that may need to be sealed. This is going to help with ensuring no air comes in or escapes. Another thing you can do is look into cracks with concrete. Whether you have elements within your home that are made with concrete or need to fix up the pavement in your garden, you can look into using ardex A46 to get the job done.  In general, sealing up any cracks is needed to make your home look better so the property value can rise.

Skip out on shopping and grow your own veggies

One of the best home improvements that can help the environment is the power of a garden. Gardening is one of the best ways to begin offsetting your carbon footprint. This can help you grow your food so you won’t need to visit the grocery store as well. Having a garden is also going to help with saving the bees and other pollinators. One of the other perks of gardening would be boosting your curb appeal too. This in turn will help you raise the property value of your home. 

While it’s excellent to have a lawn to create a garden, you don’t necessarily need one. You can even create your own little growing station for growing plants such as micro greens on your balcony or even somewhere indoors next to a window. You could even order some seeds to be sent from Silly Greens to arrive in the post, that will be ideal for growing on a window sill.

Look more for energy-efficient swaps at home

This can include switching to low-flow toilets, more energy-efficient appliances, but even as simple as switching your light bulbs. Making these types of swaps mean you save money on your energy bills while also helping the environment out.

Look into composting

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the need to create compost. Households all around the world produce so much garbage each year. Some of this garbage creates methane in landfills which then causes problems for our o-zone layer. This can easily be combatted through composting. Compost bins tend to be very affordable, even if you don’t have a garden of your own to use this compost you can instead just donate the compost to a local eco-friendly organization.

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  • Thank you for bringing this up! Another thing I want to suggest will also benefit the world and your wallet. I’m talking about furnace filters. You should check your furnace filter every month, and wait no more than 3 months before replacing it. With washable and reusable filters, follow the same practice, checking it monthly and cleaning per manufacturer specifications.
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  • I want to add one idea for pool owners. Having a pool is not really a “green” thing – it significantly increases water and energy consumption. Additionally, chlorine, which is used for sanitation, can harm the planet – chloramines are emitted from the water into the air.
    Saltwater pools have a less negative impact. They do have a small amount of chlorine, but when the water evaporates, it isn’t nearly as detrimental to the environment as traditionally chlorinated water.

  • Thanks! You shared very good tips. As for energy-efficient lighting, consider switching to LEDs. First of all, they consume 75% less energy than regular incandescent bulbs. Secondly, they last much longer.
    But remember that their operating life is shortened by how often they’re turned on and off. So if you’re leaving the room no more than 5 minutes, leave them on!