4 Tips for Dealing with Friends or Relatives Who Decide to Visit Unannounced

Most people value their privacy. They are not happy when unannounced relatives or friends decide to visit, or even worse, stay for a few days.

When you have limited space, you may need to rent beds online to accommodate the guests. Keeping the number or online address readily available, to get extra beds and furniture handily, will be helpful, no matter how you feel about the guests.

When an unexpected guest arrives for an evening or the day, you may only need one or two pieces of extra furniture. A sofa on rent online may be all you need for the few extra guests.   

Here are 4 tips for dealing with friends or relatives who decide to visit unannounced.

1. Don’t get angry or upset

Anger may be the first emotion you want to go to when an unannounced guest shows up but try to remain calm. Realize that this person or group wants to be with you, spend time with you and probably misses you.

Even if the person simply wants to be nosy, realize that that is okay. You are a good, interesting person and they want to be more like you.

Getting angry will strain whatever relationship you have with this person or group. And anger is harder to overcome than a momentary lapse in judgement when someone just stops by.

2. Be polite

Always remain polite. The visitor or people coming over unannounced deserve to be treated with respect and kindness.

More than likely, they do not think there is anything wrong with stopping by your home unannounced. They may have grown up in an era where just “stopping by” was acceptable and often encouraged.

If you are busy, tell them the truth. Ask if they could come back later or ask them to wait in one room while you get ready for their company into another room.

3. Be prepared

If you don’t know when someone is going to stop by unannounced, how in the world can you be prepared? Well, you may just need a large empty box in a hall closet.

When you see new guests arrive, or hear the doorbell, ask them to hold on a moment and then straighten up as much as possible. The large empty box in the closet allows you to toss clutter that may have accumulated since the last cleaning day in it and shut the door. Out of sight, out of mind.

You don’t have to go into a deep cleaning, and you can always let the guests know you have been busy so the house may not be in tip-top shape. They should understand.

4. Freeze snacks

When unexpected guests arrive, or any guests for that matter, it is nice to be able to feed them a little something. Having readymade dips and cheese balls in the freezer is continuously a plus.

Entertaining guests with a nice snack is always a hit. Food is a universal way to bring people together. And when you have something quick you can pull out of the freezer for just an occasion, you will save the day.

The thing to remember is that guests are temporary, even if it seems like forever. You are the owner of the house or apartment and ultimately, the final say, in yours to make. You can ask them to leave at any time.

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