4 Tricks to Styling the Home That Won’t Break the Bank

It is no secret that I love home decor. I can spend a good old while browsing Instagram feeds of home designers and lusting after Pinterest pictures. Where on earth was all of this when we moved into our home nearly six years ago? I would have done things rather differently, that’s for sure. We renovated the whole home, and I think I am getting to the stage where I want to make a few changes to a few of the rooms. We went for quite a neutral look and I’ll be honest, it is quite dull. I don’t want to spend a lot on making changes, though; it cost enough the first time around! The walls were all plastered, and all the carpets were all new, so there is a pretty decent base to each room. If you are in a similar situation and are looking to make a few changes, here are a few ideas that won’t cost a lot.


Create a Feature Wall

A feature wall is all the rage, dahling! To make it not cost too much, it is a good idea to pick a room where the walls are already quite plain. That is the case in our house for sure. Pick a large wall that isn’t interrupted by windows or a fireplace. You could paint the wall a different colour. You could wallpaper the wall if you would rather. I have seen a few homes with a dark damask wallpaper as a feature against lighter coloured walls; it looks so stunning. If you are creative, you could even paint your own design.

Add Photographs or Wall Art

Another option that doesn’t involve paint could be creating a photo or art feature wall. Having a variety of pictures in different sizes and styles, all displayed, looks so good. It is a good idea to plan it out well and even measure and draw it out on paper first. If you need more frames, think about looking at picture frame experts Best4Frames to see the variety that is available.

IMAGE - Family photos are irreplaceable

Use Mirrors

Something that I go by is when you are in doubt, use mirrors. They add glamour and sparkle, and they make a room look so much larger. If you have a small room that needs a bit of an update, add mirrors. You could make a collage of mirrors that are all different sizes, to add depth and the illusion of space. You could even use a mirror on the top of a chest of drawers, cut to size, of course. It will add much more sparkle and light to the room.

Use Odd Number

This might sound strange, but one of the rules of interiors is to use odd numbers. Three cushions on a bed look a lot better than two or even four, for example. It is a good idea to mix up the items too, though. Furthermore, three different styled or textured cushions looks a lot better than three that are the same.

Have you got any tips for styling the home that isn’t too expensive?


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