42 Days of Summer

My little ones aren’t old enough to be on ‘school holidays’ yet (though I know that will come around super quickly), but we have been enjoying this lovely warm weather and getting out and about as much as we can. We haven’t wanted to spend a lot so we created a little bucket list of some random things that we could do:


Our activities were obviously aimed at the toddler but it’s been really fun to do these little things and explore some areas near us that we hadn’t discovered before. It has also just been nice to do a few of the ‘home-based’ activities like playing in the garden, drinking lemonade that we had made, making daisy chains and blowing bubbles. We also got some yummy BN biscuit treats to try in raspberry and chocolate flavour – the chocolate flavoured ones went down particularly well in our house!


I think what you need to keep in mind for kids summer activities is: KISS





Just playing silly games like chubby bunny or watching movies until late or eating breakfast for dinner are really simple. They don’t take time to prepare and don’t cost anything extra but they will help to create amazing family memories for your children. When I look back at my childhood I remember all the silly games my siblings and I used to play and the fun we had. Not the theme parks we went to or expensive trips out. So, enjoy the school holidays and remember to kiss 😉

Rebecca x

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