5 Bathroom Design Tips the Professionals Don’t Want You to Know

When it comes to home improvement a lot of thought goes into every decision. Remember we’re talking about your house, and most changes are going to be expensive and long-term. This is particularly true for the bathroom. Moving or changing a sink is no small task, so getting it right the first time is important. We’ve talked to some interior designers and home renovators to find their best tips when it comes to bathroom design. Let’s take a look.

Consider What You Will Actually Use

It’s so easy to want bathroom features because they look nice or flashy. Whether it’s a massive multi-sink setup or a gigantic luxurious bathtub for soaking in, there are all kinds of ‘must have features’ these days. The important thing to remember is that you’re going to be living with this bathroom, using it day in and day out. Do you really want a giant tub taking up loads of space if you only use the bath once in a blue moon? Or a twin sink setup if you’re usually in the bathroom alone? Be realistic about your needs and start working on the design from there. Fit only what you need, and go for higher quality, instead of trying to cram everything in. This will give you a much better looking AND more practical bathroom.

Go With an Open, Relaxing Plan

Clutter isn’t nice, which is why our first point was to keep your design focused on things you’ll actually use. With that done, you also need to leave enough space around everything to make the whole bathroom experience comfortable when using anything or when moving through the room. Pleasant light colors are a good idea, and can really add a relaxing feel to the bathroom.

Remember Maintenance!

Some materials used in your bathroom will require cleaning or maintenance. Depending on your choices, the features you have installed might also need to be maintained at some point. Keep all of this in mind, including access to the relevant areas, before settling on a design. I remember a friend installing pipes behind a false wall for neatness – only to have a valve problem, later on, meaning the wall had to be ripped out before repairs could take place.

Use Floating Features to Save Space

Floating features are designed to save space. In the old days, a cabinet would be built from the ground up, because it had to support the weight of whatever went inside. These days we have super strong fittings which let us fit mirrors or cabinets that are only affixed to the wall, and high off the ground. This allows more floor space underneath, or even room for other items like scales or a laundry basket. For an example of some floating features, check out: https://www.uniquevanities.com/wall-mount-floating-bathroom-vanities.html.

Lighting Has a Huge Impact

Having a bright, airy bathroom can be very uplifting and can make the entire room more pleasant. It’s a good idea to have good artificial lighting so you can see well at night – especially important when applying makeup or getting ready for an evening out. During the day, a good layout of windows can add some amazing natural light – perfect for lifting your mood and even waking you up on those early mornings.

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