5 Best Adventure Destinations in the World

International travel is often an adventure in itself, but there is a way to take your trip to the next level. By combining a trip with an exhilarating physical challenge in breath-taking scenery, you can transform a holiday into a life-changing experience of self-discovery. Whether you’re looking for marathons, cycling or swimming races, hikes or even horse riding, the world offers us limitless backdrops to make each experience unique. If you are considering travelling somewhere beautiful to complete your next (or first) adventure, get inspired by taking a look at this list of the best adventure destinations in the world.

Horse Riding in Belize, Central America

For equestrians looking to expand their horizons, this trip could be a dream come true. Each day you will spend 2-5 hours a day riding through incredible scenery including forests, rainforests, exotic wildlife, and the Mayan ruins. You’ll stop to swim in underwater caves, waterfalls and will spend the night in mountain cabins. To take part in this 9-day trip, you need to be able to walk, trot and canter.

Horse riding (or, in fact, any of the activities in this list) carries a certain degree of risk and danger. Before you head off on your adventure, check whether your travel insurance policy will cover you for all eventualities. You may need to consider a life insurance policy. You can get tailored advice and quotes from Local Life Agents.

Swim in the Greek Cyclades

Open-water swimming in the Greek Cyclades with Swim Trek is perfect for anyone who wants to take leisure centre swimming up a few gears in terms of difficulty but under the supervision of an experienced tour guide. The swimming routes take you through clear waters of around 22 degrees in temperature with 2-3km covered each day. This makes it a great trip for beginners to open-water swimming. You’ll visit sea caves, uninhabited islands, and deserted beaches along the coastlines of Iraklia, Schinoussa, Ano Koufonissi, Keros and Glaronisi.

Cycle in the Mongolian Steppe

If cycling is more your thing, consider an 11-day trip in Mongolia with Exodus. You’ll cycle across the steppe via smooth trails through incredible forests and farmland. At night you will be camping in the wild on most nights including a night in a yurt, a night by a hot spring and another on a sleeper train.

Walk the Coastal Trails of Albania

Walking is a fantastic way to experience the natural landscape of a country, and you simply can’t beat the scenery you’ll find in Albania. Wild Frontiers hiking adventures run groups in different regions of the country. In the north you’ll trek through the Accursed Mountains and in the south you’ll see the stunning white beaches. The 8-day southern trek includes mountain trails and coastal paths as well as the Butrint National Park and the Albanian Riviera.

Take the Saharan Challenge, Morocco

For more seasoned fitness enthusiasts and adventurers, the Saharan Challenge is hard to beat. The 2-day event involves walking, jogging or running through the Draa Valley in Morocco at daytime temperatures between 24-27 degrees. You would complete a 42km marathon on each day, camping on most nights and other nights in a Marrakech hotel. The challenge can be completed as a fundraising challenge for a charity.

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