5 Clever Ways To Bring Colour Into The Living Room

There’s no need to have a drab living room full of beige furniture and unexciting accents, even in a busy house that’s hard to keep clean. Many people are put off by color in living areas because they have young children or pets and don’t want nice things ruined. Or they don’t know where to start and prefer to stick with safe options for fear of making a mistake that looks bad. Whatever the reason for your living room being a bit underwhelming colorwise, there are plenty of clever ways to get out of that funk and bring color back into the room.


Adding artwork to walls brings an instant pop of color and interest to any room. Trying to balance the television out with a large print or painting on the opposite wall to refocus attention away from the screen when not in use. Or create a gallery in an unused corner by framing the children’s best or funniest art pieces and hanging them to be enjoyed by all. After all, art doesn’t have to come from a famous artist; it can be anything you enjoy.

Funky Furniture

If your furniture choices have been timid and safe until now, it’s time to start branching out and exploring new options. Furniture pieces like sofas and tables occupy a significant part of any room, so the look is as essential as comfort. Sofas are an excellent way to bring color into a room and often tie the décor together. A green couch can match many colors and shades well, blending them together or standing out as a statement piece.

Window Coverings

Windows are designed to let in light, and as such, they usually take up a large area, meaning window coverings take up a large area. And what does that mean? That’s right; window coverings are the ideal way to bring color into a room. Opt for a bold statement with a curtain in a solid color block, or break it up with a funky pattern. During the day, they’ll frame the natural light coming in, while at night, your curtains will transform the room when revealed to their full extent.


Plants bring so much to a room that they should be in every room of the house. In the living room, as well as the plant’s natural coloration choosing a bright, bold planter brings it up a level. Coordinate with existing color choices to complementthe existing décor, especially for large plants. Or use small plants to get a surprise pop of color that peaks out and adds another layer of interest.


A vast expanse of garishly bright floor coverings can overwhelm a room and be hard to match décor with. But if you can’t shake that itch, a rug is the ultimate way to get your patch of bright flooring without ruining the room’s look. 

Bringing color into a living room need not be intimidating or overwhelming. Use artwork, furniture, or rugs to accent what’s already there and build a cohesive, colorful room you love.

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