5 Different Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life:

Men are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. We’re not sure what happens but at some point they stop wishing for toys for their birthday and start claiming they don’t need anything.

The problem is, when it comes to the big day, they’re just as picky as the most discerning woman; so shopping for a Dad, Husband, or Brother can feel like a stab in the dark. So if you’re wondering what will make him grin ear-to-ear on a special occasion then you’ll find plenty of inspiration in our gift guide below, that you will be able to find in an eCommerce store.

If the same shirts and jumpers haven’t been doing it for him over the last few years, why not try out a few of these new and unique ideas? There’s nothing better than gifting a loved one with something they’ll truly treasure or be absolutely ecstatic about.   

Here are 5 different gift ideas for the men in your life:

Personalised Registration plate

A man’s car is his best friend; he takes pride in it, keeps it tidier than any room in the house. He wants it to smell fresh and look sleek. You may not be able to buy him a new motor for his birthday, but how about his very own private registration plate? It’s not just the rich and famous who buy them. Personalised number plates have captured the public’s imagination, with £111 million spent on them in the UK in 2017. Buying a number plate for the first time is an exciting prospect, click here if you’d like to find out how to go about it.

Bath caddy

Your man works hard most days, so what better gift can you give him for a special occasion than the gift of relaxation. Most men like to relax, although they may not admit it. Present them with a bath caddy to prop up their iPad and beverage of choice and let them lie back and enjoy the bubbles in their own manly way.

Personalised kitchen accessories

Does the man in your life fancy himself as a bit of a chef? Is he renowned for being the the host with the most? You could treat him to unique culinary accessory such as a personalised chopping board or bottle opener.

Bedside watch and phone stand

There are two things men can’t live without; their watch and their mobile phone. There is horror if one of these items goes missing. Don’t let it happen. Gift your man his own personalised bedside watch and phone stand to make him feel secure about his prize possessions whereabouts.

An Experience

Who says a gift needs to be unwrapped? Why not gift your partner a memorable experience? There are plenty of classes, excursions, and lessons for the music lover, the adrenaline junkie, and the adventurer. Give them a fabulous time that they’ll never forget.  

And the list can go on and on. The core of gift giving is to show your love and care for your partner. Pamper him with your affection and take care of every small thing that values to him.  

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