5 Factors to Check When Buying Swimming Pool Towels

Never underestimate the power of a high-quality towel when it comes to enjoying every trip to your favourite swimming pool. As you take a dip and have a relaxed time at the pool, it’s essential to own a dedicated set of cosy towels to dry.

Many people make a common mistake when choosing towels to take to the pool is thinking that a bath towel is akin to a pool towel. While both are towels, they have different purposes and so can have a significant difference. For a pleasant time at the pool, visit website to get the perfect and snuggly swimming pool towel.

Here are some tips for selecting the best pool towels to make your pool time fun and rejuvenating experience:

Tip #1 Right Fabric

One of the key differences between regular towels and swimming pool towels is the ability to absorb water. Opt for the right fabrics like microfibre so that it can absorb water and dry off quickly. It’s lightweight, too. 

In contrast to a bath towel, you will be surprised how quickly microfibre swimming pool towels absorb water quickly yet are not too soggy or damp to drape around and relax at the pool tables.

Tip#2 Compact and Easy to Carry

You want a towel that is easy to roll and tuck in your bags. It should not be heavy but serve the purpose in terms of its drying power. Look for a lightweight fabric that doesn’t take too much space. Also, choose one that comes with an integrated hanging loop so that it’s easy to hang and keep off the floor.

Tip#3 Resistance

Pool towels should be made to last. You must be able to use them at the pool, sea, park, or wherever you want. But, you don’t want your towels to fade or become a nightmare to clean later. 

Ensure it is resistant to pool chlorine, sand, sunlight, and dust. Visit this website to find towels that are tough when in contact with such substances while also providing comfort to the skin.

Tip#4 Look at the Comfort Factor

What’s the point of having a towel that does not offer any level of comfort or is too rough on your skin? Pool towels should offer great comfort for kids and adults alike so that you will look forward to snuggling in your towel after a refreshing dip. It should be super soft, go easy on your skin, and help you keep off the water without feeling clingy.

Tip# 5 Size

Size matters, and it depends on who’s going to use it. You don’t want to get stuck with a small towel that fails to dry the whole body. Ensure that the size of the towel is big enough to avoid any embarrassing moments. 

You can invest in swimming pool towels that come with a hood and offer a cute poncho-like look for kids. It will be perfect in size for your little ones and something they will fall in love with instantly.

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